Staying Positive amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The world is still in shock with the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. Malls, schools, closed, no gathering, no parties, and what’s worse is we are all asked to keep a safe distance from each other. With this current situation that we are facing, it can be hard to look forward and think with optimism as we are unsure of the outcome.

Instead of constantly worrying, try focusing more on positivity in order to have more energy to charge on and face the situation. Try to reshape perspective and see things on the brighter side. Here are tips you can try applying to stay positive:


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Start your day right with exercise and meditation. This will help you channel inner peace and engage in a peaceful environment to kick start your day. The positivity starts with a calm, clear mind, relaxed body, and heart. This won’t only allow you to start fresh, but this is also beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

Limit your Intake

family not limiting their intake

Intake doesn’t mean food. Intake refers to the news, articles, forecasts that you watch in a day. These are all filled with what is happening, which would lead you to think about it more and more. Try to limit it to one source only and just a lot a small amount of your time browsing or watching. Then, try watching and reading positive content and funny videos online to get your mind off of it.

Connect, talk, and share

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The internet is a great platform that can be a key to your happiness. What I am talking about is with social media, skype, zoom, and other platforms on the internet can be used in order for you to talk with your loved ones and closest friends. Try chatting, video chatting, and try to talk about your day, share thoughts. It is easy to connect nowadays, so even though we practice social distancing, we won’t feel alone. Make new memories as well with your family while at home. A few hours of talking and laughing with our friends and loved ones is enough to charge up some positivity!

Try focusing on a hobby

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Adapting to the new normal is one way to stay positive! We may be inside our houses most of the time nowadays, but we can make the most out of it. You can try focusing on a hobby that you want to do and track your achievements. This will be fun and will be a new normal for you. You can also try engaging this hobby as a business. With a hobby, you can stay positive and relaxed most times because you are having fun and happy.

Acknowledge small achievements each day

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You will be happy if you keep focusing on the small things that you have achieved in a day like a hobby that you’ve wanted to do for quite some time, and you did it—simple things like painting, baking, learning new talents, etc. Baby steps are still steps and a big leap. The positivity starts in you as you acknowledge these small hours!