Writer for NY Times, HuffPost and many publications
What is this about teeth? Dental mysteries now? I thought I was past that.
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Secrets for Women Over 50  - Look Great in Your Photo
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Look your best - and wrinkle free - in your photo!
6 Tips for Women to Become Better Kissers
CEO of Your Tango, the website for love and relationships
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Ovarian Cancer - Do You Know What You Should?
Female Menopause Mentor and Family Practice Physician Assistance
These factor increase your risk so review them carefully.
Good Home Cooking? I'm Not Your Gal
Writer for the NY Times, the HuffPost and many other publications
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Juicing - Are You For It or Against It?
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4 Critical Ingredients in Skin Care Over 50
Dermatologist with 20 years of experience in cosmetic and medical dermatology,
Effective anti-aging skin care products for women over 50 should include these ingredients.
5 Best Anti-Aging Treatments at Medical Spas
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Study Almost Anything You Like - For Free! This list of exciting online educational courses shows what is now available
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Secrets for Women Over 50  - Look Great in Your Photo

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When You Think Your Marriage is Over, Give It One More Year
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