A writer with insightful perspective on mid-life experiences
Sometimes diet isn't the most important thing - at the moment. Life happens but not giving up.
Are Your Favorite Magazines Doomed?
Writer for the NY Times, the HuffPost and many other publications
I love turning those exciting magazine pages. Somehow a computer screen isn't the same
8 Tips to Increase Your Happiness This Holiday
Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family therapist and author of Attitude Reconstruction
Use these concepts to bring more joy, love and peace to your holiday experience.
7 Top Steps to Prepare Your House for Winter
Co-Founder of HomeZada.com, software to organize and manage your home and life
Cold weather affects your house too. Now's the time to take action to avoid problems.
Fun with Telemarketing - Or Not!
Writer for NY Times, HuffPost and many publications
The best way to get rid of telemarketers? Try these methods - the good, the bad and the ugly.
5 Tips to Help Avoid Bingeing During The Party Season
The Anti-Aging Coach
Social events make it easy to overindulge. Prepare yourself so you'll feel better later.
How to Get Rid of Your Emotional Baggage
A holistic chiropractic physician, he lectues internationally on natural healing of chronic illness
There really are ways to lighten the weight of negative emotions that you carry.
New Inspiration for Cooks - Apps for Cooking Bring celebrity chefs into the kitchen with you by using their new online cooking aaps.
10 Resolutions to Help You Become More Mindful 
Psychotherapist, speaker, and author.
Learning to live more consciously improves your emotional health and happiness after 50
I Admit It - I Hate Exercise!
A writer with insightful perspective on mid-life experiences
...But I found some exercise I actually like! It's a solution for my Health Challenge.
"Great post. So many of the responses were funny, if not revealing. I'm a long way from being a vegan but for sure could be a vegetarian most days of the year." -Elin

Should You Hug a Zucchini? It's World Vegan Day

"I tore a tendon in my shoulder and am not suppose to use it so it can heal without an operation (hopefully). Also like to be in the water--which is healing. This suit is the answer to a prayer." -Phoebe

Amazing New Swimsuit Design - Easy to Put On!

"Coconut oil makes a FABULOUS lubricant! You need very little, it's natural, long lasting and tastes good! My skin is so soft down there now. My husband was a little put of, at first, until we used it. He LOVES it!!" -NewYawkahBroad

Sex & The Mature Woman
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