An Introduction to Yoga

girl doing yoga on beach during sunrise

Hi there!  Are you interested in doing yoga? You’re in luck! This content is an introduction to yoga, which might be the last push you need to be convinced of doing it!

Amidst stressing times, it is essential that we stay calm, find a quiet place to channel inner peace. Of course, we would want to have a time for ourselves and just forget about all troubles for at least a few hours. What better way of achieving and channeling inner peace than with yoga!  For you, who wants to know more, here is a brief introduction about yoga and health benefits you might get with doing so. 

What is Yoga? 

girl doing yoga in forest near lake
Young woman doing yoga in morning park for Relaxing . Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle.

Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning union or yoke, “Yuji”, yoga is an ancient practice that is believed to bring together the body and mind. Different poses, inner peace, meditation, relaxation are some of the words which many know of being connected with yoga. Yoga has 5,000 years of history as being part of ancient Indian philosophy.

It is a mind and body practice that involves various styles, along with a combination of breathing techniques, different poses, relaxation, and meditation. Presently, yoga has become a popular form of physical exercise in different parts of the world. It is believed that yoga, based on poses, is aimed to promote improved mind and body control, enhanced well-being, along with other health benefits. 

Benefits of Doing Yoga

girl doing yoga at home
Yoga at home. Young brunette woman sitting on lotus position on floor with eyes closed.

Yoga is more than what you do on the mat. It can have benefits which you can enjoy for a long time if you regularly do so.

Lessening Stress

As yoga is recognized as a practice that can promote relaxation, it is no wonder why this can be beneficial for easing stress. This is also supported by multiple studies that show that practicing yoga regularly can decrease secretion of the primary stress hormone, the cortisol. 

For Anxiety Relief

Many people who have experienced anxieties turned to yoga as their means of coping with these feelings. This being said, there is also research that shows that yoga can really help with relieving feelings of anxiety. A study that diagnosed 34 women with anxiety disorders who were asked to participate in yoga classes showed results that these women had significantly lower anxiety levels when they started going to those classes.

Improvement in Heart Health

Yoga, being recognized as a practice promoting relaxation, is said to help with the improvement of heart health. Studies showed that yoga might help in reducing health factors for heart disease and, at the same time, improve the quality of heart health.  Additionally, research suggests that yoga, if included with a healthy lifestyle, has the possibility of slowing progression of heart disease as you age. 

Wrapping Up

Wow! Isn’t yoga amazing? I don’t know about you, but I am feeling more pumped to practice yoga! Yoga is really great, and it is more than just doing poses on the mat. Knowing all of these,  I hope many of you are now as pumped as me to start doing yoga!