• Do you know what makes you feel happy? It can be a scary question. Perhaps you’ve always accepted other people’s answers for what happiness should be like… even though these things never felt satisfying to you. You might have started believing you just aren’t a happy person. You might even get angry when someone asks you if you’re happy with your life, and your inner reaction is: “What’s so great about happiness anyway?”

    Wherever you are in this process, I’m going to recommend you create a list.

    Make a list of

    • things you want to do or experience
    • things you feel happy doing and experiencing
    • things your body and emotions say they need or enjoy
    • things you would like to gift yourself with

    This might be as simple as curling up and reading a book or as unique to you as building a model airplane from scratch. You can also make your list by responding to these prompts:

    • I feel happy when…
    • I feel most happy when I…
    • I feel most happy around…
    • I find myself laughing at…
    • I enjoy laughing with…
    • The one thing that makes my heart soar is…
    • The thing that makes me want to dance and cheer is…

    This needs to be your list. Not your parents’ or your partner’s or even your kids’. Yours. What makes you happy?

    Here’s what my happy list looks like; I call it my Happiness Manifesto. I’m still adding to it (and always will). I keep a copy on my refrigerator door so my goddess nature can draw my gaze to something when I need it most; they’re like little happiness reminders. This is part of my happy goddess state of being. I love myself enough to do the following to the best of my ability at any given moment:


    • Choose love and joy — first, last, and always.
    • Stop worrying about things I can’t control.
    • Allow things to be easy and abundant.
    • Say no to drama in my own life.
    • Don’t give away my power to anyone.
    • Don’t let other people’s opinions or drama reduce my joy and well-being.
    • Cry if I need to and then move on.
    • Get angry if I feel it and then move on.
    • Don’t get stuck in a rut of self-doubt or self-recrimination.
    • Don’t judge how other people live their lives.
    • Intentionally make time for play and rest.
    • Trust in myself and others.
    • Believe in the good in people.
    • Paint.
    • Cook.
    • Garden.
    • Explore.
    • Hike.
    • Meditate and pray.
    • Listen.
    • Speak.
    • Love — with all my heart.
    • Laugh — with all my heart.
    • Be grateful.
    • Hang out only with people who uplift my spirit and accept me for who I am.

    Are you ready to create your own list? Perhaps you want to write it out. You might even want to use your unique creativity here. I’m talking creating a vision board, writing out your list in fancy calligraphy, painting pictures to go with each item, etc. This is a chance to change your life. Enjoy it!

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    Article by: Ava Miles

    About: International bestselling author Ava Miles calls herself a divine rockstar —something she believes everyone is deep down. Her new book series, “The Goddess Guides to Being A Woman,” invites us all to reimagine what it means to be a modern woman on our own terms. Join Ava in letting the brilliance of your true goddess nature — and that of all the girls and women in your life — shine through. For more information, visit www.AvaMiles.com.

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