• When you are at the age of 50, you are considered mature and wise. This perception naturally impacts the way you present yourself through your habits, wits, and style. Although habits and a good presence of mind are traits that are acquired through age, fashion keeps evolving with time and with a person’s age. Every period in a person’s life comes with its own set of clothing that enables them to communicate their preferences, age, and frame of mind. Fashion market for middle aged women was widely untapped previously, as people in that age would usually stay at home after retirement.

    Now, however, times have changed and women are not just going out in their 50s looking to have fun, but also are career oriented just as much the youth of today.

    Thanks to the designers, mature women now have the liberty to choose the latest fashion wear by high-end brands. Any woman hoping to have a stylish appearance can now look up to these brands for ideas about style. If you are a middle aged working woman then following the designers’ styles is a great option for you. Hence it is better to have an idea on what suits you best in your age and make your choices along those lines. Following are suggestions that will be able to help you to better understand what you should wear to work when you’re in your 50s.


    The trousers will be the most used item in your wardrobe. Due to this reason, you must have at least 5 pairs of trousers in your wardrobe. They work especially great in winters, covering your whole lower body. Neutral colored pants or dark colored pants are the easiest to pair with any blouse or top. The fabric material should be a comfortable one. This is something you are going to be wearing for a whole day at work; hence comfort is always the first priority. It is important that they fit your body perfectly as very loose trousers can make you look unshapely and unflattering.


    If you are opting for wearing a skirt, do not wear a pencil skirt. A form fitted skirt looks good on a younger person and they are more flattering on them. But it can be an uncomfortable experience if the skirt is too tight. You can wear A-line skirts or pleated skirts which are just ending at the knee length. These are the best options for any mature women as they are graceful and easy to move in. However, you can also choose a straight skirt with a light color when you have a very bold top or blouse. In order to be quirky or test new waters, try and incorporate a peasant skirt as well in your wardrobe.


    Tops are the main part of your wardrobe. For women over 50, full sleeves, quarter sleeves or cup sleeves are considered more fashionable as opposed to sleeveless. Personally I avoid buying tops and sweaters with animal prints. If you want to be edgy with your style, opt for an animal printed purse or have a top that has floral patterns as there are huge varieties of prints to choose from. Don’t go for low neck cuts with your sweaters as too much skin will have you adjusting your top more often than you want to. Furthermore, it is a look more suited for a younger woman. Make yourself aware of the world of online shopping. It has turned out to be a better option for many as compared to going for shopping.


    The bra that you wear has to be comfortable. It also needs to be the right size for you as a loose bra will not flatter you properly. You may have been wearing a different size a few years ago; it is only natural that your size has changed. Make sure it fits you perfectly. There is no specific style for a bra, but the one with the right fitting can make your body look proportionate and beautiful. The underwear needs to be comfortable as well. It should give you a breathable space and not leave you with red marks. If you be comfortable as well. It should give you a breathable space and not leave you with red marks. If you intend on buying lingerie, make sure that they are nicely fitted. It is no use investing in something that does not fit you perfectly.

    Coats and Jackets

    Woolen overcoats are your best options to wear on a chilly day. Be it a button up coat or a coat with a belt, an overcoat always looks classy. Ones that are just above the knee length or just below the knees are the right fit. A short biker style jacket can look good in a party environment, but it is not suited well for an office. It can even also get uncomfortable and heavy. If you really need to wear something short, wear a blazer instead. A good looking blazer will make the perfect outerwear with a sweater or even a dress. Avoid wearing ponchos unless you are really sure that you can pull off that look. But usually, ponchos can make an older woman’s body disproportionate.

    The clothes that you wear represent you. They are a visual glimpse of your personality to other people. Make sure that you make a lasting impression all the while being comfortable in what you wear.


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    Article by: Judy Robinson

    Judy Robinson is an enthusiastic blogger and passionate reader. She loves to share quality trending content with her friends and followers. Her forte is Fashion, Fitness, and lifestyle, keeping a keen eye on latest trends in those industries. Currently, she is associated with Sophie and Trey, an online boutique based in Lake Mary, Florida. For more updates follow her on Twitter @judyrobinson

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    1. Marlana Kemphes says:

      If this article wasn’t so sad it would be funny. Hey, old biddies, forget about knowing what looks good on you and what you enjoy wearing. This style guru knows best. basically she says to ACT YOU AGE, give up on anything that calls attention to your body or personality. Pencil skirts? Doesn’t matter if you have good legs-don’t do it. Animal print? How dare you! And cover hose arms! Sensible advise about dressing for your body type and the difference quality clothing and underpinnings can make in your comfort and confidence isn’t what’s important. Darn, I guess I better return that leopard print bra and panties and break out the white cotton bloomers. Then I’ll bake me a cake and hobble on down to bingo.

    2. Sabrina says:

      Condescending and conformist. Once a woman is over 50, she’s earned the right to wear what makes her comfort, happy and feels pretty for her. Go watch the DVD Advanced Style fashion isn’t just for the young.

    3. Miriam says:

      Blazers really ! To me that look needs to be forgotten unless of course your the dresser for Grease.

    4. Susan Webster says:

      I just wanted to say that this was sort of helpful but it seemed like it was written by a non-English speaker because some of the sentences did not seem correctly put together.

    5. Jeri says:

      I think that article is about 30 years to old. I am over 70 and most of those rules don’t fit except the part about keeping the arms covered. I think they are a good guideline and a 3 way mirror with your glasses on is also a good guide.

    6. Peggy Browning says:

      Oh, Judy, Judy, Judy…methinks you may not be old enough to understand fashion for women over 50.Please interview some women age 50+ and get our opinions and ideas about fashion. There’s some pretty spiffy old women out there, flabby arms and all…
      You are a good writer…you just need a little more background on fashion for older women.

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Hi Peggy,
        Your thoughts on the subject would be helpful! Send us some and we’ll publish them on ZestNow.com

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