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    Tunics – the loose fit is comfortable on the body, and a perfect figure is not required. We like the arm coverage and the flattering necklines. Beautiful fabrics, embroideries and trims have the special touch to create a favorite outfit.  They’re easy to wear over jeans or pants, giving you a touch of glamour.

    Eileen Fisher
    Eileen Fisher
    Tory Burch Anna Ruffle-Trim Shirt (190041833283)

    Tory Burch Anna Ruffle Trim Shirt


    Eileen Fisher
    Tory Burch Anna Ruffle 
    Nally & Millie
    Eileen Fisher
    Eileen Fisher


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    Article by: Dianne Morris

    As a designer and entrepreneur, products for women have been my focus. Dianne Sullivan Designs created fun jewelry for boutiques and department stores. Miraflores Designs designed and supplied custom branded soap, shampoo and other toiletries for hotel chains. With Bay Linens, Inc, we created decorative bedding sold through Bloomingdales, Bed, Bath & Beyond and other retailers. Our home decor products, with the brand, China Seas, is sold at Isetan Department stores in Japan. At this stage of life I'm connecting with other women over 50 who want to examine their interests and to connect with each other. At ZestNow.com I want to gather useful information and inspiration for this new phase of life.

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    1. leslie says:

      Please sign me up! Thanks

    2. V.Grant says:

      What are the prices please

      1. V.Grant says:

        Hi I am 69 medium size how can I purchase please
        Hi hello

    3. Charlotte says:

      Nice top. I am 62 heavier on top 22/24 than bottom 16/18.

    4. Judith Schiffhauer says:

      Great for over 70

    5. Melissa Martin says:

      Really love all the styles! I’m pretty new to Pinterest. I have never ordered anything before. How do you purchase something?

    6. Urmila Das says:

      Love your styles. How can I purchase them? Thank you. Urmila

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Hi Urmila,
        Just click on the words in coral such as SEE MORE COLORS and you’ll be taken to the website so you can purchase the item. In some cases, styles have been sold out at this time but you can look for other tunics on that same retailer. We’ll also update the styles soon. Thank you! Dianne

    7. Sandra Pope says:

      Looks like what I’m looking for.

    8. Yvonne Labban says:

      I just came across your website on pinterest,
      I love tunics especially that orange one, I live in Toronto. Are your fashion sold here?

    9. Denise Francis says:

      Why don’t you deliver to Australia

    10. Frances Drew says:

      Love tunics!

    11. Pauline Thatcher says:

      I love all the V Neck designs and the flows materials !! Just wish I could get a delivery to Australia!

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        I agree. We’d like to see those cool Australian ideas too.

    12. Linda Grigg says:

      Thrse tunics are stylish and look comfortable.

    13. Rhonda says:

      Where is the orange one shown?

    14. Louise Ward says:

      How do I buy dresses on line through Zestnow

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Hi Louise,
        I’m glad you’ve found things you like. We actually preview and recommend items from a variety of retailers. Just click on the item and you will be taken directly to that item at the retailer so you can buy it directly from the source.

      2. Bonnie says:

        Looks nice…like to see more

    15. Lori says:

      Love comfy and stylish outfits

    16. Donna wamser says:

      I love wearing tunics and leggings. They are so comfy and my age is 68

    17. Linda Lee says:

      I just love the orange colored one for fall.

    18. Linda Lee says:

      Looks like something I could have in my closet as a go to for just about any where.

    19. Becky Beasley says:

      Great style for over 50s.

    20. Kim Tuel says:

      My FAVE go- to top!

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        I love them too. What other categories of styles do you like?

    21. NancyBlakemore says:

      I would like to see your styles.

    22. Ming says:

      I want your new styles

    23. Sharon Johns says:

      Sign me up for free updates please as a older women your line of clothes look fabulous

    24. B.L.Brinkley says:

      The advertising is perfect for my age.

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Take a look at these new tunic styles. We’ve updated the styles.

    25. D McAskill says:

      your tops are suitable for my age group. What do you have under needle for fall?

    26. Paula Booze says:

      Love all the tops I’ve seen so far would like to see more of the fall colors.

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Hi Paula,
        We heard you and we’ve just updated for fall and more to come.

    27. Christolien Olivier says:

      Do you have any plus size?

    28. Deborrah Ogg says:

      Great site. Happy I found it.

    29. Beth says:

      Love these styles!

    30. Linda Curtis says:

      Looks good. How about the price.

    31. Den Rich says:

      Looks good for my sister and Myself! Perfect for my size and SHAPE.

    32. Judith says:

      I love the “tunic ” fashion so few available for the over 60s.
      Looking forward to your emails.

    33. Rachel says:

      I just live a good tunic with a mandarin collar because it’s does wonders of osteoporosis

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Interesting – what does it do for you?

    34. Bev says:

      Thanks for putting me in touch with Eileen Fisher fashions.

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Your welcome. Do let us know any other ideas you’d like to see covered.

    35. Bev says:

      Thanks for the great suggestions!

    36. Sandy says:

      Looking forward to emails

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Great – Anything you’d like to see covered?

    37. Dianne Morris says:

      I agree. Leggings are a nice contrast, very current looking (and the tunic covers some of my middle issues!)

    38. Nan Smith says:

      Always looking for more tunics. My favourite clothing with leggings or jeggings!


      I like the Eileen Fisher style of blouses.

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        I agree. Eileen Fisher tunics are especially flattering and easy to wear. There’s a big range of colors in some styles too.

    40. Astrid says:

      I dont see the orange tunic from the Pinterest photo in the photos above.

    41. Ever James says:

      I love the orange tunic, how do I buy it?

      1. Dianne says:

        Hi Ever James,
        I like it too and it comes in lots of colors. Just click on the “See More Colors” which appears in orange type under the photo. It will take you right to the source.

      2. Dawn says:

        I also like the orange tunic. I don’t c how to order it

    42. Rosa Maria says:

      Good to find fashionable ,chic clothes for 50+.

    43. lorette "Khdeja" alexander says:

      Must love tunics….these are great

    44. Paulette says:

      Would like to order

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Hi Paulette,
        Great! Just click on the orange type “See More Colors” and you’ll be directed to the site where you can place an order.

    45. Maureen says:

      Interested in seeing more styles in plus sizes for 50 plus

      1. Dianne says:

        Hi Maureen,

        I hope you saw our new article on Plus Sizes!

    46. Emily says:

      Attempted to signup and you refused saying I had too many sign up requests. As I have never attempted to do so, I don’t understand this

    47. Millie Marie says:

      Im 69 petite and I need to reinvent myself!
      I like these styles

      1. Dianne Morris says:


        Good for you. We all need to refresh and update our styles from time to time. You might consider this very popular article also. https://zestnow.com/12-best-special-event-dresses-for-women-over-50/

    48. Renee says:

      Where is the white blouse posted on Pinterest? That led me to this link?

      1. Darlene Martin says:

        Yes where is it???

    49. Linda Zittel says:

      This is just what I have been looking for!

    50. Barbara says:

      Love all of your suggestions. Bare arms are sometimes not a pretty sight.
      I have some tunics from J.Jill that are very similar to the ones shown from
      Eileen Fisher but are at a lower price point.

    51. Val Price says:

      could you tell me the brand of the three tunics at the top of your article?

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Hi Val,

        Those tunics are all from Soft Surroundings. Click on the coral dress in the bottom row, second from right.

    52. mikesuper says:

      No matter whether you’re attending a wedding, prom, or any other formal occasion, wearing a dress that fits you perfectly is often a have to make sure you appear and feel your most effective! One size commonly does not match all and lots of women discover that they need to get their dresses altered. It can be scary handing your dress over to somebody knowing that it’s going under the scissors and going to have stitches ripped out or hems shortened. No matter exactly where you’re going to have your dress altered, these recommendations can help you to become ready when acquiring your dress altered for the ideal match.

    53. joy says:

      Enjoyed reading this article. Sometimes tunics are shown only on “the younger set” and I wasn’t sure it was for over-sixty me. I have a few and love their forgiving-style. Thank you. jkw

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