• Aging is an unstoppable part of your life, and as someone who has entered their seventh decade, I am
    always open to new ideas to stay looking healthy and vibrant. I don’t need to look younger, but I do
    want to look my best. I want to ensure my skin has a glow, my makeup isn’t cracking and I am using the
    best products and ingredients that are suited to more mature skin.

    I know, the market can be confusing – products launch every day, new medical procedures seem to
    trend and then disappear. It’s hard to know what works, and what will work best us. Luckily, in my
    career, as a still working model and an actress, I have picked up some insider knowledge about what
    works and what doesn’t, that I’d love to share.

    I like to combine natural ingredients with the leading science news for my regimen. First things first,
    have a look around your kitchen cupboards and try some easy home remedies.

    1. Antioxidant oils. Certain fruits, flowers and seeds are known to have high antioxidant properties
    which can help prevent aging. Pomegranates are known to be rich in antioxidants and so are
    sunflowers, which can not only by repair damage but prevent future damage.

    2. Lemons. Vitamin C is known to be highly beneficial to the skin. At the same time, the juice of
    lemons have a bleaching effect that leads to decreased age spots. The freckles caused by sun
    exposure and aging also reduce, thus giving way to clear skin.

    3. Olive oil. Olive is also a miracle drug for skin ailments that provides nutrition to the skin and
    brings out a natural glow to the skin. It also lightens wrinkles and age spots.

    4. Aloe Vera. The extract from aloe vera is used in most of the skin care creams and moisturizers
    available. It improves the elasticity of the skin and tightens pores giving skin a youthful look.

    5. Egg whites. Egg whites are rich in nutrients which work towards repairing the damage caused by
    free radicals, and improve the hydration of the skin and increase its elasticity which helps in
    reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Applying a thin layer of egg white and washing off after 15
    minutes on a regular basis can improve the appearance significantly.

    Then once you’ve finished raiding the kitchen, add in a sprinkle of the science based skincare to round
    out your routine. Advancements in dermatological care have produced remarkable results for those
    seeking to defy age a little longer without going under the knife.

    Pick up an over the counter retinol (ingredients chemically related to Vitamin A) is a
    sure bet. It’s proven to improve skin firmness when applied three times weekly over a period of
    24 weeks. Retinol and its prescription-strength counterparts, retinoids, are believed to inhibit
    collagen breakdown in cells of mature skin. Additionally, they may increase and regulate
    collagen production, which means firmer skin for you. Before starting a prescription retinoid
    regimen with Retin A or Renova, many dermatologists will suggest first using retinol products so
    that the skin can adjust to the mild irritation that sometimes manifests in the form of dryness and redness.

    While it is a misnomer that retinol and retinoids lead to photosensitivity of the
    skin, it is true that the Vitamin A compounds themselves break down in the presence of sunlight.
    For this reason, you tend to see these ingredients used in night creams, where they will be most

    Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensives

    It has retinol and antioxidants (which also work to fight the signs of aging in their own way) is an inexpensive way to add retinol to
    your routine, and it comes in both an eye cream and serum.

    Clinique’s Zero GravityRepairwear Lift with retinol

    Priced relatively affordable. Or for an even more luxurious option, try RèVive Intensite Creme Lustre with richly hydrating jojoba and shea butter for over $385 for two ounces.

    Helioplex and Mexoryl SX – Created by Neutrogena and L’Oreal

    these two ingredients have changed the game of antiaging sunscreens. While sunscreens containing the active ingredients
    avobenzone and oxybenzone have made the claim that they protect against both UVA and UVB
    rays, protection from UVA rays is in fact limited because these ingredients break down in
    sunlight. Essentially, after a period of sun exposure, the UVA protection factor in many
    sunscreens has disintegrated, allowing long UVA rays to penetrate to deeper layers of the skin
    and break down collagen and elastin. UVA rays are also now known to contribute to the
    development of skin cancer. Helioplex and Mexoryl SX stabilize these ingredients so that they
    resist breaking down, thus increasing the effectiveness of antiaging sunscreens and reducing
    exposure to cancer-causing rays.

    Well, these are some of my secrets. They may not sound like too much but when followed properly, they work like a magic potion. Try work like a magic potion. Try them, and start looking 20 years younger and make heads turn. It is time
    for you to enjoy all the stares and enquiring glances, as I do at 72!

    Irene Michaels

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    Article by: Irene Michaels

    Irene Michaels is Founder of www.IOnTheScene.com. She is an actress; model; producer; writer; fundraiser and beauty/lifestyle expert, and the Founder of anti-aging skincare line I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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