• In October of last year, I decided I had to lose weight and start exercising so I could be healthier. I even went on public record at Zest Now and declared that I would achieve this by my next birthday … October 6, 2015. This is what I did instead!

    Well, ahem, I’ve been half-heartedly dieting and exercising for six months now. And you know what I’ve lost? If you guessed six months, then you would be correct. I’ve been dieting (sort of) for six months and all I’ve lost is six months.

    I’ve accomplished lots of other things in the last 180 days, though. I put a swing set together for my granddaughter. I cultivated a small garden by digging it up with a shovel. I planted tomato seeds in pots in the kitchen window and planted the seedlings in the garden when they were big enough. I developed and wrote a recipe and story book about my friends and family and food. (Cough, cough…it’s called Heart & Soul Food: Tales of Food, Friends, and Family available in paperback or ebook on amazon.com. No pressure…but just in case you’d like to buy it…)

    Of course I had to test all the recipes I included in the book. They were delicious, by the way. Maybe if I wrote a book about raw vegetables and tested the recipes I could lose some weight. We have celebrated five birthdays, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, and Easter since I started my half-ass diet. I fell off the wagon every single holiday. Flu and snowpocalypses didn’t help. I could have worked through them without lying on the couch eating homemade cream of potato soup, I suppose.

    But, I’m not going to weigh myself down even more by carrying an extra load of food guilt. Apparently I’m not very successful at dieting. I let Life get in the way every time I start a diet or exercise program. That’s why I’ve been overweight for several years now. I lack determination, I guess. But, it’s really difficult not to waver when Life presents itself with all its obstacles to exercise and low calorie foods.

    So here I go again. I’m lacing up my walking shoes and choosing to move more and eat less until October 6. Let’s see what I lose in the next six months. Hopefully I’ll lose the fat around my waist instead 180 days.

    Peggy Browning

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    Article by: Peggy Browning

    Peggy Browning is a freelance writer and author. Peggy is the author of The View Through My Rose-Colored Bifocals, Square Peg's Words of Wisdom, and Heart & Soul Food: Tales of Food, Friends, and Family. Peggy's first novel is The Big 5-0. The Big 5-0 is the first book in the Adventures of Matilda Mason series, which follows the age 50+ heroine as she makes her way to being an investigative journalist...solving crimes as she goes and grows. The second book of the series, Waltzing Matilda, will be released August 1, 2015. All Peggy's books are available at amazon.com. Follow Peggy on her blog, Peg's Wonderful World, at http://peggybrowning.com.

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    1. phoebe says:

      Peggy Brown has hit on something here. She is actually living her life instead of obsessing about her weight as we women often do. And I’m impressed/all she accomplished. She burned off six pounds while being active instead of burning them off in a gym.

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