• The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions. The same could be said for the road to weight loss and healthy habits.

    It seems that whenever I make a plan to accomplish something and announce that plan to an audience, I hit almost insurmountable obstacles. Well, insurmountable may be a slight exaggeration…but, I run into obstacles that certainly alter my plans.

    That’s what happened, of course, when I decided this would be the year of losing weight and reversing some health problems.

    In October, I announced that I would spend a full year focused on doing what I needed to do to lower my blood pressure, triglycerides, and weight. From my 59th birthday to my 60th birthday, I would focus on taking care of my physical self (since I had worked on other aspects of my life in previous years.)

    I spent the first week contemplating and deciding what type of exercise I wanted to do. I’m picky about my exercise, obviously since I don’t do any…and I wanted to find what I can tolerate and what I thought I would actually do. I settled on riding my bicycle, walking, and yoga.

    Next I chose my diet. I would do nothing unsustainable or weird like drinking kale smoothies for breakfast or downing a concoction of apple cider vinegar and warm water before each meal.

    Routines have often been hard for me to establish. I am the queen of attention deficit disorder and I’m prone to changing on a whim. But this time I thought my life was settled and that I could finally make a routine and stick to it.

    I should have known better.

    My life has been one filled with unforeseeable circumstances. Some have been good; some not so much. Enter another circumstance: a good one this time.

    Shortly after I started my “routine”, my granddaughter was diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth disease. She couldn’t go to day care because HFM is contagious. So she stayed with me. Her mother was working 12 to 13 hours each day. After Baby Dear recovered, we had had such a good time together that her mother and I decided that I should become the babysitter and adjust my writing schedule around those hours.   The exercise routine was adjusted as well…

    Then I got hand, foot, and mouth disease and all routines ceased. The doctor had told us that it was a simple, non-serious virus that has no cure and runs its course in five days or so. I can attest that it makes you very ill and you feel like hammered hell if you have it. I don’t exercise when I feel like hammered hell.

    Next my daughter was transferred by her employer to another town in another state. She gave me permission to come with them, so I moved, too. I have a new role in life: writer/live-in nanny. It works well for us all.

    But my new role has played havoc with my exercise routine. So far my exercise routine consists of toddler wrangling, taking walks in the park, pushing a swing, playing hide-and-seek in the backyard, and tossing a basketball in the air to see how high it will go.

    Regular routine or not, the good news is: in spite the stress of a few weeks of getting ready to move, moving, recovering from moving, and having hand, foot and mouth disease…I’ve lost three pounds. I’m sleeping well. We are all eating well because I’m cooking (no fast food). And I’m exercising even though it’s not exactly the routine I had planned.

    I keep moving forward toward my goal of being healthy and weighing less. This was just a detour on the route, not a dead end.

    by: Peggy Browning

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    Article by: Peggy Browning

    Peggy Browning is a freelance writer and author. Peggy is the author of The View Through My Rose-Colored Bifocals, Square Peg's Words of Wisdom, and Heart & Soul Food: Tales of Food, Friends, and Family. Peggy's first novel is The Big 5-0. The Big 5-0 is the first book in the Adventures of Matilda Mason series, which follows the age 50+ heroine as she makes her way to being an investigative journalist...solving crimes as she goes and grows. The second book of the series, Waltzing Matilda, will be released August 1, 2015. All Peggy's books are available at amazon.com. Follow Peggy on her blog, Peg's Wonderful World, at http://peggybrowning.com.

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