• Happiness in a relationship is directly correlated to kissing, according to a study of people in exclusive relationships featured in the New York Times. Kissing is “a conveyor of emotion,” the study says. Attractive lips are important for more than just beauty.

    It’s best to take a little care with lips over 50. We may notice that lips are not as full as they used to be. Over time, lips tend to thin out a bit, and fine lines and wrinkles start creeping in. So how do you create luscious lips after 50? There’s always the option to have lip injections, a procedure involving injecting fillers such as Restylane by needle. This treatment lasts up to six months and the cost averages around $600. As we know from seeing some unfortunate celebrities, this procedure can be overdone.

    But there are other ways. You don’t have to go the cosmetic surgery route to create the look of plump lips. Take care of your lips on a daily basis with these tips and tricks to achieve more luscious lips.

    1. Keep lips moisturized.

      Dry lips are not only dull and chapped, but they can also lead to painful splitting and bleeding. Apply lip balm or chap stick throughout the day. Use one with a SPF of at least 15. Ultraviolet rays can speed up the aging process, and lips need just as much protection as the rest of our face. Use an oil based lip conditioner at night when lips can become very dry. Petroleum jelly or a natural oil like coconut or sweet almond also work well for night use.

    2. Prime lips for color.

      Over 50 lips can develop fine lines and uneven surfaces. Prepping your lips with lip balm can help to fill in fine lines and give a smooth surface to lipstick and gloss. Use a balm that is thick and waxy.  One that is slippery and oily will cause your color to wear off quickly.

    3. Line your lips.

      After 50, your lip line becomes less distinct. Use a lip liner to line the outside, and then fill in your lips completely with it.  This will help define the lips and help lipstick to stay in place. Lining lips just slightly outside the natural lip line will also make them appear fuller. This has be done with care, of course, so it doesn’t look exaggerated. A good magnifiying mirror is very useful for accuracy. If there is a little discoloration around the lips, a little makeup concealer can be blended outward from the lips before lip liner is applied.

    4. Pick the right lipstick formula and color.

      Many bold, matte lipsticks are not only drying to the lips, but they can make them look smaller – and in turn, make you look older. A dark red very can make a face look older, especially with lighter skin tones. Generally, a creamy shade that compliments your skin tone is best. Avoid lipsticks with a metallic shine because they tend to look too artificial. Makeup artists often apply lipstick with a brush, but that technique isn’t necessary when applying makeup on a daily basis.

    5. Try gloss.

      Lips can look fuller and younger with lip gloss. It gives a shiner, lusher appearance. It allows light to reflect off the lips, which gives them a healthy looking “boost”. If you are layering lip gloss over lipstick, a light or clear gloss works well. But if you’re using gloss on its own, be sure to choose one that has a dark enough color, as gloss that is too light and shimmery will make you look washed out. Lip gloss does not usually last as long as lipstick, so it needs frequent application throughout the day.

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    Article by: Lauren Malamala

    Lauren is ZestNow's assistant editor with a background in music, beauty, fashion, and writing. She was born in Hawaii, grew up in Seattle, lived in London for four years, and now resides in NYC. Read more from her at her blog, Halela & 5th.

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