• Whether you are a new couple or old, Valentine’s Day is a remarkable holiday.  You both may roll your eyes over it, or you may be helpless head-over-heels lovebirds that are true romantics at heart. Regardless, there is never a wrong time for a gift – and what better day to treat your guy than on Valentine’s Day? Show your boyfriend or husband some love and romance this year by getting him something he’ll love.

    1. Shaving or Grooming Kit

    Give him a gift you will both enjoy with a shaving or toiletries present. If your boyfriend enjoys the classic techniques of shaving, then consider a shaving gift set that includes the standard brush and trimmer. The Harry Koenig shave set can be found at almost any department store and features vintage shaving tools such as a brush and timeless razor. You can also visit a store like The Art of Shaving for expert advice on facial hair conditioners, electric beard trimmers, and more.

    2. Wine, Beer, Liquor or Bar Accessories 

    Is your husband or boyfriend a fan of fine whiskey or gin?  Give him his favorite bottle wrapped in a bow.  Better yet, give him some beautiful bar accessories as a cherry on top.  An old-fashioned glass decanter will make his old-fashioned cocktail taste even better on his palette.  Perhaps instead he is a wine connoisseur.  Take him wine tasting or go for a wine and food pairing event for a night full of good eats.  If he’s a backpacker or camper, you can now get stainless steel vacuum-sealed beer growlers.  Cheers!

    3. Hunting Trip

    Do you have a rugged gamesman or fishermen in your life?  Whether he hunts big game, waterfowl, exotic animals, or upland animals, there are always hunting trips out there for him to embark on. Give the gift of adventure by getting your guy a guided hunt in the wild outdoors of Wyoming, where he can hunt prized elk. Browse hunting trips from Guidefitter to set him up for the ideal vacation. Whether you buy it for that weekend or for later in the year, he will jump for joy at the chance to participate in his favorite pastime.

    4. Chocolate

    Chocolate is a treat that knows no gender, so big heart boxes filled with bonbons aren’t just for men!  Show him you are sweet on him with some sweets treats.  Treat your man to some fine chocolates—maybe he has a favorite like Ferrero Roche or he just loves your homemade brownie recipe.  If you want to indulge his sweet tooth on a night out, take him to a patisserie or artisan dessert eatery.  You will both be smiling at every bite!

    5. Portrait of Your Pet

    If you own a dog cat, cockatoo, newt, gerbil, or any other animal friend, consider an animal portrait.  Show everyone that your Shih-Tzu is a dear part of the family by hanging a picture of your furry loved one.  It is a gift that is as serious as it is silly—and a growing number of artists offer portraits in all sorts of styles. Check out The Renaissance Pet and have your pooch or kitten’s likeness turned into a fantastic piece of art for any wall in the house.

    6. A Vacation

    If you have saved up your pennies, you may want to take a couple’s vacation.  You may seek to escape the winter wonderland for a few days at a resort in Mexico, or perhaps you are an active couple who would like to go away on a ski trip.  You may not have the funds to travel to another continent, but you can take a small getaway trip for the weekend.  Maybe you can rent an Airbnb in a cabin in the mountains, or head to a winery out of town if you are lucky enough to live in a pleasant climate.  A mini trip away from home can be just what you two need, and can have a chance to kindle a little romance in the cold winter.

    Any guy is sure to be thrilled with a gift from this list, so consider his tastes and find something great.

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