• My hair is very curly –  fairly tightly coiled.  It can easily go wrong. I want to keep the curl but avoid a fly away look.  I also didn’t want to cut it short and easy to manage. Instead, I want my hair to be fairly long, big and dramatic. ch5

    I spent years looking for the best regimen. I knew I needed to tame the frizzies and make my hair strong. I’m also very much into natural products so my choices had to come from that area.

    Moisture was the key for me.  Now before I wash my hair I apply coconut oil to the scalp and my hair for at least an hour. Then if my hair is dry, I actually wash my hair with just a thick conditioner instead of using shampoo and then conditioner.  There are a range of new products called cleansing conditioners. They don’t really lather but they do lift out dirt and impurities using essential oils or aloe vera. This idea is called co-washing (or conditioner washing).  It calms my thick hair, avoids the frizzies and keeps the color longer.  (I’ve been told that co-washing doesn’t work well for fine or thin hair.)

    After co-washing with the conditioner still in,  I comb  through my hair to remove any tangles. Then I rinse and towel blot it dry – being careful to not disturb the curls.

    Then I scrunch it with a jelly-like, alcohol-free moisturizer to help set the curls. I let it air dry, sort of adjusting the shape of curls a little as it dries. Any fly-away curls may need to twisted or smoothed out with more jelly.

    I also take a daily silica supplement to strengthen my hair and nails. My hair gets trimmed at least every four months.

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    Article by: Randi Robinson

    I am a true life-long fitness professional. With my dance and teaching background, I’m focused on understanding the body through movement and education in order to gain lasting results. Whether you are looking to improve your appearance, gain muscle, loosen tight joints or just reclaim your youth and vigor, I have the knowledge and experience to find the best fitness plan for you. "Everyone can look and feel their best - we all need a little guidance - and some positive motivation!" I'm a personal trainer who works with women at home or outdoors all over New York city. www.scarabfitness.com

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