• I’m so pleased with the new book showing 100 of my lifetime collection of almost 3,000 Christmas tree ornaments. I started collecting them the year I turned four, when my mother and aunt took me to see a department store tree .

    Now each year as I unpack and hang them, the ornaments tell the story of our lives. My book is Tree of Treasures: A Life in Ornaments.

    It features beautiful photography by my husband, documentary film editor Bob Eisenhardt, and my vignettes about the ornaments.  “Tree of Treasures” shares the emotional stories behind these hundreds of cherished possessions. From serene lace angels and vintage Santas, to exquisite glass-blown spheres and small silk purses, the book presents ornaments which are both beautiful and well-loved.

    This video shows some of my collection:

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    Article by: Bonnie MacKay

    Bonnie Mackay never dreamed that her travels would surpass her great grandfather’s 183 ocean crossings as a textile merchant in the 1860s, but she continues to break the family record as a leading influencer in product development and global sourcing, retail innovation, and brand consulting. Mackay successfully lead merchandising and marketing for 13 years at The Museum of Modern Art, serving as Director of Creative, Merchandising and Marketing. Previously, she was Operating Vice President, Fashion Director at Bloomingdale’s. Her innate sense for design and materials, combined with a keen understanding of bottom-line financial implications, enabled her to create innovative, highly profitable products and business strategies for these leading retailers. She is also in demand as a consultant for high-profile non-profit organizations, helping them to develop profitable retail strategies and product collections consistent with their missions. Bonnie also has a special interest and expertise in products that address cross-generational life experience and disabilities, and has become a thought leader in the emerging area of thoughtful design that maximizes usability across diverse audiences. In addition to her thriving consulting business, Bonnie is a sought-after speaker and currently has two design-related books in development.

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    1. Lauren Malamala says:

      Love this! Every Christmas since I was born, my mom has bought me a new ornament to represent that year – so my ornaments are a special collection for me as well. 🙂

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