• Finding the perfect place to relocate once you have decided to retire can be a daunting task. In many
    ways, determining where you want to live in the next stage of your life is similar to the decision a high
    school senior makes when choosing a university. Just as high school graduates chose a college for the
    next chapter in their youth, retirees are just as diligent when choosing where this new adventure in their
    lives will begin. College towns consistently top the list of long-term destinations for retirees due to the
    many benefits available to senior citizens.

    A New Place to Explore
    While moving can be stressful, the excitement of exploring a new town overcomes many anxieties.
    Affordable senior communities make it easier on retirees to not only find a place to live, but also to
    explore and enjoy community-specific events. These communities attempt to engage residents with
    events and activities having the same style and amenities you would find in high-end apartment
    communities. Senior communities in college towns, like Kenwood Place in Tallahassee, Florida, provide
    senior residents with an active, stress-free community to call home.

    Stay Physically Active
    Settling into a sedate lifestyle is an easy response to entering retirement but staying physically active is
    just as important. Creating a dynamic lifestyle once you’ve decided to live in a senior community is both
    healthy and a great way to interact with your local community. Whether the fitness classes are located
    within on-campus fitness centers or outside in public parks, retirees can choose their preferred method
    and level of fitness. Colleges and universities have a diverse student body, which results in a spectrum of
    fitness methods within a centralized location. Thus, if you prefer yoga, tennis or Zumba, you have a high
    probability of finding a nearby class that fits your needs.College towns consistently top the list of long-term destinations for retirees due to the many benefits available to senior citizens.

    Stay Mentally Active
    Transitioning from a constructed 40-hour work week to an immediately unstructured reality of life can
    be a daunting task for many new retirees. However, moving to a college town can minimize the abrupt
    changes one can feel when entering this new stage of their life. One perk college towns offer retirees is
    the opportunity to continue their education at nearby institutions. For example, Florida State University
    (FSU) in Tallahassee offers non-degree seeking students the opportunity to audit classes. Residents who
    live within walking or a short driving distance from FSU can audit classes or even attend guest lectures.
    There are also many part-time job opportunities if seniors wish to be active in their community. In 2009,
    the Journal of Occupation Health Psychology published a study that supported the claim that retirees
    with part-time jobs had a reduced risk of health issues including high blood pressure and heart disease.

    Health as a Top Priority
    Access to top-notch healthcare facilities and hospitals is at the top of attractive benefits of taking up
    residence in a college town. The variety of medical programs due to the wide range of doctors and
    research facilities on and around campus make these towns a desirable destination for seniors. Whether

    someone is seeking treatment for arthritis or assistance for respiratory issues, seniors should be able to find a nearby medical professional suited to treat them. If there’s one thing that puts families at ease, it is the knowledge that their parents or grandparents have access and proximity to the best possible healthcare.

    Senior-specific housing near universities have grown exponentially as more retirees decide to move to college towns. College communities provide an environment that facilitates exploration and maintenance of physical and mental health. Once retirees begin to participate in activities offered by both the college and senior residential community, they may end up with a more packed schedule than the college students.

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    Article by: Lynn Edmondson

    As, Regional Manager, Wendover Management, Lynn is responsible for the day to day operations of Wendover Management. With over 40 years of real estate and property management experience, Lynn has overseen portfolios in both Texas and Florida exceeding more than forty properties and over 10,000 units, as well as overseeing the successful redevelopment of numerous assets. Lynn’s strength in marketing, physical maintenance and systems, management and allocation benefit Wendover Management’s outstanding portfolio of properties. For more information: Wendover: https://wendovergroup.com/ Kenwood: https://kenwoodplaceapt.com/

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