Why Mental Health Is So Important, Especially with These Lockdowns?

Although the number of people in the United States who suffer from mental illness is now at an all-time low, the stigma surrounding mental health issues remains strong. Mental health professionals know that many people suffering from mental illness are suffering in silence and that stigma is one of the main reasons.

Mental health is not something you can choose to be. No matter your appearance, your family background, or your upbringing, mental health is a necessity. Strong mental health can help you to achieve all the things you desire. A person who has a poor mental health is prone to develop all types of health issues, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

It’s easy to become discouraged during our personal and/or professional lives if we are stressed and/or depressed. The feeling can be overwhelming, and you may feel unable to cope with the world’s demands. As a result, you may seek out treatment as a way of coping. Maintaining a good mental health is important for everyone. It is something which helps you in adapting well to life and helps you in growing as a person. But seeing the increasing cases of suicides and self-harming, it is quite crucial to ensure that you are mentally fit.

Mental health is a very important thing, and with the current state of the world, it’s more important than ever. Mental health is defined as “the absence of mental illness.” It’s something that most people take for granted, but with the world going in the wrong direction, mental health is more important than ever. Mental health conditions can often be challenging to live with. When these conditions persist, it can be particularly difficult to cope with everyday life. Often, the challenge can be compounded by the stigma and shame associated with mental health conditions. When you’re in a mental health crisis, your own mind can become your worst enemy. That’s because you’re often left to fend for yourself, often without any resources or assistance to turn to. That’s why it’s so important to open up to others so they can help assist you.… Continue

The Benefits of Living A Life Sober of Drugs and Alcohol

Many have been there and had problems dealing with alcohol and drugs. Getting over this phase is truly hard, but once you reach your goal of complete soberness, you will find it truly fulfilling. This content isn’t just for those who have encountered these problems, but this as well is for everyone to get convinced why living life sober from drugs and alcohol is a life that is much healthier, and happier. Is it better (healthier too) to live a sober life away from drugs and alcohol? If you’re currently struggling with addiction, reach out to treatment facilities like Transcend Recovery Community or read up on their recovery blog. Here a few reasons why living sober is the best way to go. 

Health is better when sober

Living sober equates to a healthier inside and outside you. This is because you won’t have alcohol and drugs in your system, which may disrupt its function. Living sober can balance out blood pressure, and a healthy mental and physical function too. Regular exercising and meditations combined with living sober leads to a better you. You’ll be living positively, and healthily. 

You’ll be saving money

Being away from drugs and alcohol means fewer vices that you would choose to spend with. Sober is equal to saving. It would mean that you won’t get addicted and go for more and more of it. Sober means learning to be able to spend more on what you really need than what you would want. 

Living sober means peaceful sleep, better memory

Sleep patterns of those who use drugs and drink alcohol aren’t regular. Sleep usually will be interrupted by you’ll end up restless all night. Being restless will eventually affect your performance and ability to focus. You should know that alcohol disrupts the REM, which is deep sleep needed by everyone.

With living sober, your sleep quality improves, you’ll fall asleep faster, naturally wake up feeling refreshed, and always ready to start the day. You will have enough focus to do tasks and remember important events happening on a specific day. 

Mental Health is definitely better

Overall health and well-being, diet,  and sleep are all connected to a good state of mental health. With a healthy lifestyle and sobriety, you will find your mental health, emotions, and mood is all manageable. Increased happiness is possible as you won’t be having random mood swings, … Continue

Staying Positive amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

a collage of positivity designs

The world is still in shock with the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. Malls, schools, closed, no gathering, no parties, and what’s worse is we are all asked to keep a safe distance from each other. With this current situation that we are facing, it can be hard to look forward and think with optimism as we are unsure of the outcome.

Instead of constantly worrying, try focusing more on positivity in order to have more energy to charge on and face the situation. Try to reshape perspective and see things on the brighter side. Here are tips you can try applying to stay positive:


meditating design in yellow and blue

Start your day right with exercise and meditation. This will help you channel inner peace and engage in a peaceful environment to kick start your day. The positivity starts with a calm, clear mind, relaxed body, and heart. This won’t only allow you to start fresh, but this is also beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

Limit your Intake

family not limiting their intake

Intake doesn’t mean food. Intake refers to the news, articles, forecasts that you watch in a day. These are all filled with what is happening, which would lead you to think about it more and more. Try to limit it to one source only and just a lot a small amount of your time browsing or watching. Then, try watching and reading positive content and funny videos online to get your mind off of it.

Connect, talk, and share

family doing chores together

The internet is a great platform that can be a key to your happiness. What I am talking about is with social media, skype, zoom, and other platforms on the internet can be used in order for you to talk with your loved ones and closest friends. Try chatting, video chatting, and try to talk about your day, share thoughts. It is easy to connect nowadays, so even though we practice social distancing, we won’t feel alone. Make new memories as well with your family while at home. A few hours of talking and laughing with our friends and loved ones is enough to charge up some positivity!

Try focusing on a hobby

family doing hobby design

Adapting to the new normal is one way to stay positive! We may be inside our houses most of the time nowadays, but we can make the most out of it. You can try focusing on a hobby that you … Continue

An Introduction to Yoga

girl doing yoga on beach during sunrise

Hi there!  Are you interested in doing yoga? You’re in luck! This content is an introduction to yoga, which might be the last push you need to be convinced of doing it!

Amidst stressing times, it is essential that we stay calm, find a quiet place to channel inner peace. Of course, we would want to have a time for ourselves and just forget about all troubles for at least a few hours. What better way of achieving and channeling inner peace than with yoga!  For you, who wants to know more, here is a brief introduction about yoga and health benefits you might get with doing so. 

What is Yoga? 

girl doing yoga in forest near lake
Young woman doing yoga in morning park for Relaxing . Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle.

Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning union or yoke, “Yuji”, yoga is an ancient practice that is believed to bring together the body and mind. Different poses, inner peace, meditation, relaxation are some of the words which many know of being connected with yoga. Yoga has 5,000 years of history as being part of ancient Indian philosophy.

It is a mind and body practice that involves various styles, along with a combination of breathing techniques, different poses, relaxation, and meditation. Presently, yoga has become a popular form of physical exercise in different parts of the world. It is believed that yoga, based on poses, is aimed to promote improved mind and body control, enhanced well-being, along with other health benefits. 

Benefits of Doing Yoga

girl doing yoga at home
Yoga at home. Young brunette woman sitting on lotus position on floor with eyes closed.

Yoga is more than what you do on the mat. It can have benefits which you can enjoy for a long time if you regularly do so.

Lessening Stress

As yoga is recognized as a practice that can promote relaxation, it is no wonder why this can be beneficial for easing stress. This is also supported by multiple studies that show that practicing yoga regularly can decrease secretion of the primary stress hormone, the cortisol. 

For Anxiety Relief

Many people who have experienced anxieties turned to yoga as their means of coping with these feelings. This being said, there is also research that shows that yoga can really help with relieving feelings of anxiety. A study that diagnosed 34 women with anxiety disorders who were asked to participate in yoga classes showed results that these women … Continue