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    As a Ph.D. award-winning relationship expert, Dr. Castaños is helping men and women overcome their past trauma in order to heal triggers and toxic patterns in relationships, and most importantly, lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Following nearly two decades of treating patients and one year of beta-testing, award-winning clinical psychologist Dr. Carolina Castaños, launches http:// www. MovingOn, the first interactive program designed to help people overcome heartbreak.  The 14-week program provides weekly videos available on-demand on any device.  Following each video, users complete an exercise and receive personal feedback from Dr. Castaños (also known as Dr.C) to help them progress through the healing process.  This program also gives user 24/7 access to experiential exercises to help regulate emotions and feel better.  These exercises are designed using the latest research in neuropsychology and trauma treatment.

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