• Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, who will turn 50 this year, has shown that the world loves a sexy story.  Reading erotica is a great way to spark your libido, but have you ever thought of writing your own?  As a 50-something wife and mother who’s been publishing erotica for over 15 years, I can confirm that there’s nothing more sexually empowering than putting your own steamy story down on paper. Whether you’re aiming to publish or please a special audience of one, writing erotica helps you focus on pleasure, which is guaranteed to improve your sensual life–even if it’s already very good indeed.

    Here are six secrets for bringing your unique erotic stories to life:

    Find A Safe Space.  Although our generation came of age during the Sexual Revolution, most of us still hesitate to express our positive sexual desires. Find a safe space, both physical and mental, to create your world of pleasure.  Close the door against the voices that urge you to feel shame for feeling good.  In this protected place, you are free to get in touch with your fantasies, memories, images and scenes that turn you on.  Suddenly everything is possible.

    The Pleasures of Research.  Erotic writers transform sensual experience into vivid words and images, but it takes practice.  First, read some erotic books to learn what you like in style and content.  Which stories do you wish you’d written?  Which scenes turn you on and why?  The assignment gets better.  The next time you make love to your partner or yourself pay close attention with all of your senses.  Where is his skin the softest?  When does the sound of his breathing change?  Slow down, enjoy each sensation.  Try out a new position you have in mind for your story to get the logistics right.  Homework has never felt so good.

    Start Slow and Let It Flow.  Start slow with a sketch of a sex scene or a list of scenarios that turn you on.  Erotic stories can be about real experiences, but they are just as often about fantasies, dreams, forbidden desires.  Let the thoughts and images flow.  Experiment and discover.  You’ll surprise yourself with the magic you create.

    The Real Secret to Good Erotica.  Dirty words only take you so far.  The real secret to a compelling erotic tale is the relationship between the lovers.  Critics panned Fifty Shades of Grey, but the characters’ deep feelings for each other enchanted millions. Write about a couple you care about, their desires and conflicts and how they overcome them to be together, and your reader will be right there in bed with you.  As older women, we bring a wealth of life experience to the writing process.  Use your wisdom!

    Share It With Your Lover.  I’ve published over 150 stories, but my greatest joy is still that gleam in my husband’s eye after he’s read my latest story.  A story is also a great way to suggest a new bedroom activity or introduce a fantasy.  Use your judgment as some partners can be uncomfortable.  If you think your partner might be open to it, start out gently, with a sketch of what you enjoy doing with him, rather than, for example, a hard-core BDSM scene starring Ryan Gosling.

    Share It With the World.  Today it’s easier than ever to share your work with a wider readership.  Post your story on Literotica [http://www.literotica.com/] for appreciation and feedback.  Self-publishing on Amazon is another popular option.  If you want some help with writing try Bid4Papers. For more traditional validation by professional editors, check out the Erotica Readers and Writers Association Calls for Submissions.  Remember all writers face a lot of rejection, so keep trying!

    Midlife brings a flowering of confidence and creativity for women.  Writing erotica is a rewarding way to renew your passion as well.

    See her book, Amorous Woman by Donna George Storey

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    Article by: Donna George Storey

    Donna George Storey (www.DonnaGeorgeStorey.com) holds a Ph.D. in Japanese literature from Stanford and has published over ninety literary and erotic stories and essays. She is the author of  Amorous Woman, an erotic novel based on her own experiences living in Japan.  Her adults-only tales have appeared in Penthouse, The Mammoth Book of Erotica Presents the Best of Donna George Storey, Best Women’s Erotica, and Ageless Erotica, a sexy anthology of stories and memoirs by women over 50.

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