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    Choosing a dress for that big special occasion has never been easy. The dress should flatter the wearer and yet be just right, and special enough, for the event. After 50, we think about styles to flatter our arms, our figures, our legs. Keeping all this in mind, we’ve reviewed special event dresses and selected these 12 beautiful and stylish winners.

    Dresses for Cocktail Parties, Formal Dinners, Events or Weddings for Women Over 50

    These dresses would be winners for all these events. You could also choose many of them for your role as beautiful and proud mother-of-the bride or mother-of-the groom.

    Maggy London
    Simple, sexy, and a great go-to option for any special event. Also available in black and navy blue.
    Eliza J
    This dress has an interesting combination of fabric and textures. Very slimming cut, too.
    spo9Tadashi Shoji
    The illusion of a shorter dress, but with just enough of a lace hem to cover the tops of the knees.

    spo10Pisarro Nights
    A stunning beaded masterpiece with a torso-slimming drop-waist cut. Available in several different colors.

    dress1Pisarro Nights
    This beaded mock two-piece has just the right amount of glitz, comfort, and coverage.

    spo4Adrianna Papell
    Sparkle all night without revealing too much with this stunning sequin mesh gown.
    Adrianna Papell
    The elegant draping of this gown showcases all the right curves while also being forgiving around the midsection.
    dress2Adrianna Papell
    Steal the show with this slinky, sexy blue number.
    spo6Ralph Lauren
    Simple and sexy, this black dress is incredibly slimming for the waist and made of comfortable jersey cotton.

    sp1Adrianna Papell
    A lovely floral print is the perfect choice for spring and summer events.

    Alex Evenings
    A gorgeous sequin embroidered bodice adds shimmer to this ballgown, which comes with a matching bolero jacket.

    Eliza J
    Lace and chiffon make for a breezy, easy-to-wear gown with lots of movement. We love the crystal embellishments along the waist.

    More tips on looking great at an event:

    How to Make Bare Legs Prettier After 50

    Look Your Party Best in Evening Makeup

    Comfort Shoes for Evening Wear

    Note: It would be wonderful to have a photo shoot with older models, but that would be impossibly expensive. We do have to rely on retailers’ existing photographs which often feature younger models. Nonetheless, these dresses are carefully selected because they would be very flattering to ZestNow readers.

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    Article by: Dianne Morris

    As a designer and entrepreneur, products for women have been my focus. Dianne Sullivan Designs created fun jewelry for boutiques and department stores. Miraflores Designs designed and supplied custom branded soap, shampoo and other toiletries for hotel chains. With Bay Linens, Inc, we created decorative bedding sold through Bloomingdales, Bed, Bath & Beyond and other retailers. Our home decor products, with the brand, China Seas, is sold at Isetan Department stores in Japan. At this stage of life I'm connecting with other women over 50 who want to examine their interests and to connect with each other. At ZestNow.com I want to gather useful information and inspiration for this new phase of life.

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    1. Deanna Myers says:

      Love these dresses

    2. Loula Kentrotis says:

      Love the styles! Would love to try on. Can you buy online? How much?

    3. gloria best says:

      looking casul shirt dress 14 comes to knee not short blue dungaree sexy cute short sleeve straight skirt to knee not short cotton and light

    4. Jude Hunt says:

      So on point. Thank you for the suggestions and advice. I am waaay past 50 and finding something flattering is an uphill battle
      Up the good work

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Thank you, Jude
        We all want retailers and manufacturers to give us styles flattering for us! We’ll keep revising the article with new styles we find.

    5. Julia says:

      I love the Ralph Lauren black wrap dress. Looks as comfortable as a robe, but very flattering.

    6. Kory Fry says:

      Very nice information & helpful for what I was looking for.
      Thank you.

    7. Margie Kinnear says:

      Im 5’1 short thicker waist and thicker arms. All the flared dresses and pant suits that have flared legs over powered me. I was hoping to find narrow pant legs and jackets with sleeves a little past elbows. And the cut of the jacket straight in waist not curvy.Very hard to find

    8. Tryntje says:

      These are very nice, but not everybody loves that lacy look.

      I’ve been searching in vain for a nice dress with sleeves that would be appropriate for an early Fall outdoor casual wedding. It is absurd that women have to throw an ugly little sweater or jacket over a perfectly pretty dress that the designer / manufacturer was too cheap or too lazy to put sleeves on. Not everybody is blessed with beautiful toned arms or long slim legs. How about the rest of us average women that don’t like to show a lot of skin?

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Hi Tryntje,

        Good point! We’re going to work on an update adding more dresses. Finding the right dress is definitely an issue for women over 50

    9. Phoebe says:

      These are really good choices. I like how they are elegant and cover what I want to cover but are still stylish. Thank you for the suggestions. The only thing I, myself, avoid among these choices are short sleeves. They hit the flabbiest part of my arm, but they may be attractive on someone who is thinner and/or works out.

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