• Drinking whole organic milk “will certainly lessen the risk factor for cardiovascular disease,” said Charles M. Benbrook, a Washington State University research professor as quoted in the New York Times.

    Apparently Omega 3 is the secret. It appears in fatty fish and seafood which are recommended as heart healthy foods.  Organic whole milk has a lot of Omega 3 because the cows that produce it spend time eating plants in green pastures while most cows that produce non-organic milk are more confined and eat a diet of mostly corn. Corn is high in Omega 6, the sort of fat that is found so abundantly in fried foods including potato chips, French fries and donuts.

    Nonfat organic milk has had the fatty acids stripped away so it looses the Omega 3. Surprisingly, it could be less healthful than whole organic milk.

    Ideally people should eat equal amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 as people did in re-industrial times. Contemporary Americans consume about 10 times as much Omega 6 as Omega 3.

    However, simply consuming a huge amounts of organic milk, but not lowering consumption of Omega 6 foods, is not advised as a way to bring the ratios into balance. Scientists are still studying these issues and answers are not clear.

    Organic milk has risen in popularity in large part because of concerns over bovine growth hormone, used to stimulate milk production on conventional dairy farms. The hormone occurs naturally in cows, and the Food and Drug Administration has argued that use of the hormone does not change the milk.

    Organic Valley, a milk producing company, partially funded research on Omega 3 which was conducted by independent researchers.

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