• When NYDJ first appeared, they introduced a few styles of fairly basic blue jeans. The secret and the appeal was in the fit. Most jeans were cut way too low for a woman’s body after 40 or 50, so their jeans felt great and looked right on my body. Often, they were cut a little large which made me feel better when I had to buy a smaller size. Styling wasn’t really the point.

    Well, they’ve certainly expanded the range. Basic jeans are still in the line, but they also offer some other fashionable styles. They have several great tops, jackets, and dresses as well. The sweaters are especially nice and useful for so many outfits.

    They recently added slim jeans that end at the ankle. Try them with heels or even better with a cute little flat, like a ballet pump.

    We’ll all be watching to see where they take this line, because it is so appreciated by women over 50.  Here are some of our picks (click on photos for more information):



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    Article by: Dianne Morris

    As a designer and entrepreneur, products for women have always been my focus. We women over 50 want to examine our lives and to connect with each other. At ZestNow.com I want to gather useful information and inspiration for this new phase of life.

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