Fashionable in Denim - At My Age?

What’s going on? Jeans at offices, restaurants, parties? 12 tips to make them work for you.

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Yes, you can look great in denim at any age. You just need some new perspective. Here are some tips to help.
  1. A higher waisted style works better than a low rise to avoid bulging over the top - the infamous “muffin top.”
  2. Try on a number of styles from different manufacturers - fits vary widely in the same size. Different styles vary in the same manufacturer too. Some styles even have a little "Tummy Tuck" help.
  3. Very dark blue or white are definitely the two ways to go - not faded, not bleached.
  4. Choose no embellishment - no rhinestones, embroidery, no pocket emphasis.
  5. Straight leg or boot cut look newer. A boot cut, very slightly wider at the hem, can help balance wider hips; but be careful of too much flair.
  6. A looser, longer shirt or top is a fashionable balance to the well-fitted jean. Even better - it covers any awkward middle areas. A dressy top is a great contrast.
  7. Be careful of a baggy seat – fit is so important. Maybe take a friend with you to check the fit.
  8. Try them with the shoe height you’ll wear.
  9. Have them hemmed to the right length – past your ankle for a small break with flats or small heels. Ankle length in a straight leg can work with higher heels.
  10. Wash them in cold water, inside out, delicate cycle and not too often to keep the color and shape. Remember these are fashion jeans not the “dig in the garden” ones.
  11. Don’t dry them too much or too hot. Hang them up by the hem when still damp. You might do a little ironing for wrinkles, but don’t make a crease.
  12. Complete the look with nice shoes. Forget the sneakers with these jeans.

One more thing – they’re probably going to cost a little more than your last jeans. But they’re going to be incredibly versatile and fashionable.

How do you feel about wearing jeans at your own age?

*Click on the photos below for more information or to order online.


Not Your Daughter's Jeans Straight-Leg Marilyn Jean in BluBlack Wash

Not Your Daughter's Jeans Straight-Leg Marilyn Jean in Burbank Wash

Not Your Daughter's Jeans Barbara Bootcut Jean in Dark Enzyme Wash
Miracle Body Katie Straight-Leg Jean in Chantilly Wash
Not Your Daughter's Jeans Tummy Tuck 5-Pocket Bootcut Jean

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Posted September 27, 2011
At my age 64,i have fell in love with trouser jeans!
I get a dark wash,and they fit so well!
They look good for dress with kitten heels,or with my oxfords!
I dont wear those jeans with all the glitter and stuff on the back pockets,as there not becoming on me,but the trouser jean says classic!!!

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