Meryl Streep, Vogue's Cover "Girl"

She's the oldest at 62. Is this a breakthrough similar to the first black model cover?
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She jokes in the magazine she's the "oldest person" to appear on the cover.  With 16 Oscar nominations (two wins) and 25 Golden Globe nods (two wins), Meryl Streep has continued to have an amazing career. But it’s first time she has appeared on the cover of the U.S. edition of Vogue. Lesser stars such as  Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, and Jessica Biel all made it  before her. Beautiful and talented, she's long overdue but she is conscious of the impact age has on women's careers in acting.
She says she believed her career was over 20 years ago, reports AP. When she was 40, she was offered three different roles to play a witch. She believed it meant women in her age group were "grotesque on some level," She told her husband, "It's over." Clearly she was mistaken. Maybe the media, or at least Vogue Magazine,  is also beginning to realize the qualities of a mature woman.
New York Magazine did an analysis of average age of Vogues’s covers from January 2000's issue onward.  The average age of the women on Vogue's front cover is 30.3 years  with the median falling at an even 30.
Other cover women past 50 include 59-year-old Priscilla Presley in 2004's August issue, photographed with daughter Lisa Marie and granddaughter Riley. Hillary Clinton appeared on the 1998's December issue.
Women in their 40s appear more often in New York Magazine’s analysis.  Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Sandra Bullock all appeared  regularly. Michelle Obama was featured on Vogue’s  March 2009 issue at 45 years old; and Madonna appeared on the August 2005 issue at age 47.
Annie Leibovitz, the top photographer, shot the Streep wearing a casual look that she has made a signature–a collared shirt and full skirt.
The big excitement about Streep right now is her portrayal of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She ages from age 49 to 85 in the Iron Lady.
She’s also taken up a cause she cares about, working with other accomplished women to push Congress to fund construction of the long-debated National Women’s History Museum. As Congresswomen Carolyn Maloney observes. There are museums for just about everything from postage stamps to spies but not for women’s history.

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Posted January 09, 2012
My friend Peter Rand took the photograph of Vogue's first black model - Anthea August. See picture in my book, The New Millennium Tales, availble from Amazon. Kevin lavery

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