• My mother told me “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Well, it’s a different world now. Glasses were once an academic stereotype, but now stylish glasses appear on celebrities and fashion models. Wearing glasses has become a cool fashion statement. Trends in glasses have moved from the really hip to mainstream fashion.

    The new fashion shape for glasses is definitely retro.  Think Clark Kent or Buddy Holly.

    This is a wonderful trend for women over 50, especially for those of us who need reading glasses and so many of us do.  Instead of those “anything will do” shapes from the drug store rack of reading glasses, the newer shapes are much more flattering.  Tortoise shell and black seem to be the colors of the moment, although red, transparent and some other colors make important appearances.

    If you have a prescription, use the advised strength. However, many of us don’t need an actual prescription for reading glasses.  We just  need the right strength. If you don’t know the strength you need, the drugstore racks are a good place to determine it. Try them on in the store until you find the strength that’s comfortable for you. Then go online to pick out ones with more fashionable shapes and higher quality than you can find in a drug store.

    Jamie Leigh Curtis, Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon and Katie Couric have updated their look in glasses after 50. (Scroll down.)

    Clark Kent peep1Full Attention Glasses
    peep2Five Reading Glasses

    Buddy Holly
    peep3Coffee Shop Reading Glasses
    peep5Stunner Bifocal Sunglasses

    Katie Couric
    peep4The Mrs. Reading Glasses
    peep6Architect Reading Glasses

    Demi Moore
    peep7Ingenue Reading Glasses
    peep8Take the Leap Reading Glasses


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    Article by: Dianne Morris

    As a designer and entrepreneur, products for women have always been my focus. We women over 50 want to examine our lives and to connect with each other. At ZestNow.com I want to gather useful information and inspiration for this new phase of life.

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    1. ksteele174@comcast.net' Kimberly Steele says:

      Love the glasses that Katie Couric is wearing on this page. Where can I find them, or similar ones??

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        I love them too. We’re going to try to find them available inexpensively!

    2. Carolegathman@yahoo.com' Carole says:

      Please show glasses for zesty women with petite faces.