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    Meet Sister Madonna Buder, aka “The Iron Nun.” At 86-years-old, this inspiring woman is competing in Ironman triathalon competitions and is one of the new faces of Nike. Click here to read. [via People]

    According to new research, the key to maintaining calcium and strong bones after menopause is consuming soluble corn fiber. Who knew? Click here to read. [via Science Daily]

    It looks like older women are becoming more popular in marketing campaigns. See how this New Zealand jewelry designer chose to model her collection. Click here to read. [via The Huffington Post]

    Are your mammograms being scheduled too frequently? You may not need this type of checkup as often as you think. Click here to read. [via LA CROSSE Tribune]

    The “older men marrying younger women” norm seems to be changing. Now it’s women who are tying the knot with younger guys. Click here to read. [via Taipei Times]

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