• A happy baby is a great joy, but imagine that baby crying from a dirty diaper and not being able to help. Joanne Goldblum saw that happening to poor mothers and babies and she took action. She started the Diaper Bank and now she’s inspiring others.

    She discovered that food stamps and other government-assistance funds couldn’t be used to buy diapers – or other hygiene supplies either. An adequate diaper supply is about $100 a month. A diaper may seem a little thing but it has enormous effects. Most day care centers require parents to provide their own diapers so mothers have trouble going to school or work. Cloth diapers are out because low-income families usually don’t have washing machines or means to go to a Laundromat. Coin machines often don’t allow diapers to be washed for sanitary reasons.

    Babies in soiled diapers have more rashes and cry more. Goldman reports that can lead to illness and abuse as well.

    She scrambled for several years learning to raise money, to buy direct from manufacturers, to distribute properly. She works at it full time with no salary, but you don’t have to make such a commitment in order to make a big difference. This can be a good project for your own local area. Goldman has created a web site to give others a model for local diaper drives across the country. Everything you need to know is at The Diaper Bank.

    Good Morning America focused on her in their series on ordinary people committing extraordinary acts of kindness and bravery. In Time Magazine’s interview with Goldman she said, “It’s often the little things that change your life.”

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