• The ability to easily walk in a city, ranks high on interests for people over 50. It often becomes even more important when considering a move after retirement.

    WalkScore.com is a Seattle-based company that rates cities on walkability. Josh Herst, who heads it, has done a lot to encourage people to factor this in when deciding where to live. Walk Score’s mission is to promote walkable neighborhoods. They say “walkable neighborhoods are one of the simplest and best solutions for the environment, our health, and our economy.”  They also offer applications to real estate professionals who can use it to promote neighborhoods.  Real estate people say walkability enhances property values. One quote: “Each point of Walk Score is worth up to $3,000 in a typical metro area.”

    They also rank cities by mass transit and the ability to bike.  A city ranking is interesting but what really matters is the actual neighborhood your interested in.  Large neighborhoods are broken out in the Best Cities listing.  These are the ratings from WalkScore.com.  100 would be perfect.

    Most Walkable
    1.  New York  (88)
    2.  San Francisco  (84
    3.  Boston (74)
    4.  Philadelphia (69)
    5.  Miami (68)
    6.  Chicago (75)
    7.  Washington D.C. (74)
    8.  Seattle (71)
    9.  Oakland (69)
    10. Baltimore (66)

    Least Walkable – Car-Dependent – “most errands require a car”
    2. Virginia Beach (31.1)
    3. Raleigh (28.8)
    4. Indianapolis (28.7)
    5. Fort Wayne (28.3)
    6. Greensboro (28.0)
    7. Henderson (27.6)
    8. Nashville-Davidson (26.5)
    9. Jacksonville (25.5)
    10. Charlotte (25.4)Hidden Field

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    1. jnjcox@aol.com' Nancy Cox says:

      Despite the horrible images and much exaggerated media coverage of Baltimore’s recent riots, Baltimore is not only a great city for walking, but we have FREE buses throughout the downtown and inner harbor areas.

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