• Love to read? Here’s how to feed your habit in a low cost way – and also clear your shelves. It’s wasteful to throw away books and not at all “green.” Yet many friends and libraries simply can’t manage any more books, especially duplicates and paperbacks.

    www.Paperbackswap.com is our ZestNow pick for recycling and saving money too. It’s easy to use and membership is free. You join a community of readers who share books and opinions through Forums, Live Chat and local book clubs formed through the site. CD’s and DVD’s are included through sister sites.

    The selection is huge –almost 4.5 million, with 35,000 trades per week. You can browse by categories — Pulitzer Winners, Mystery, American History, Large Print, Crafts, Dogs, Gardening, New York Times Best Sellers, etc. The list is endless. New overstock books from publishers can be purchased. Paperbackswap.com claims that members have saved almost $19 Million since they began.

    Essentially, you list the books you’re willing to swap and choose books you want. You are interacting with the book lists of all members and book desires of all members – not doing a one-on–one swap. Your choices are greatly magnified. When you first join, you can list 10 you’re willing to send and select 2 to receive. Then essentially you choose a book every time you send a book. You pay the postage for sending but not for receiving. If you get ahead of yourself requesting books you can cheaply pay for some.

    One of the best features is postage. Receiving a book is free. You only pay the postage to send a book. You can print the postage on line at the site – no looking for stamps or even leaving home. Postage payment is by credit card or PayPal. It’s easiest to leave a little balance on account. The site works out the exact postage so you just print and mail. U.S. book postage is a very low rate. The site makes their money by a mark-up on the postage, still a very good deal at about $2-$3 for sending books. You can provide your own postage if you prefer. Using their postage system, you get instant credit for sending the book so you can request a new book yourself.

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