• Here’s a fun fact you might not have been aware of:  Women have more performance anxiety in the kitchen than in the bedroom!  A recent study indicates that of women ages 18 – 65, 19% had anxiety in the kitchen compared to 8% who experience anxiety in the bedroom.

    Of the 1,000 women tested, neither public speaking, working in the office nor their performance between the sheets hold a candle to the performance anxiety associated with cooking!

    Cooking Planit is essentially a “GPS for cooking,” a handy, clever and thoughtful  app and website that contains over 500 recipes, choreographed and tested by Executive Culinary Director, Emily Wilson – providing home cooks with the perfectly timed meal. Best of all? It helps you tackle timing, how to figure out how to get all the dishes on the table at the right time and the right temperature.

    Cooking Planit guides users through each step, prompting, for example, when to prep the salad and start the green beans, in context to when the chicken will be ready (in between, you can slip into something a little less comfortable).  Beyond the actual cooking, Cooking Planit also:
    ·         Automatically builds grocery lists, including ingredient totals, and synchs them across user devices
    ·         Enables easy meal planning according to ingredient preference and dietary needs
    ·         Offers an extensive selection of pre-built complete meals from which to choose, while also empowering users to select the dishes and courses they wish to prepare.

    We like how they have set menus to choose from, or you can build your own by selecting an entree and whatever sides you wish to prepare. The detailed breakdown of ingredients and the time it takes to cook each dish also makes it easier to plan ahead – so you don’t have to worry about keeping your guests (or a cranky husband) waiting too long. Below are three easy-to-make meals that we like. When you’re a novice in the kitchen, it is best to start out by learning how to make a few fantastic classic dishes, such as a Caesar salad or a nice spaghetti sauce. Try them out and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

    GET RECIPE-Prep Time: 15min
    -Cook Time: 45min
    -Serves: 4
    -Skill Level: Easy
    -Prep Time: 20min
    -Cook Time: 1hr 15min
    -Serves: 4
    -Skill Level: Easy
    -Prep Time: 21min
    -Cook Time: 1hr 7min
    -Serves: 4
    -Skill Level: Easy

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