• For a great cocktail brunch, or simply sipping bubbly during a warm afternoon, one of our favorite drinks is Prosecco. The dry sparkling wine is made from Glera grapes (or “Prosecco grapes”), a white Italian variety.

    Wine industry statistics show that Prosecco is one of the fastest-growing categories of alcohol consumption. Women ages 40 to 50+ are the largest current market.

    Although the word “Prosecco” is found in Italian texts from the 18th century, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the production and taste of this sparkling wine became more developed. Originally it had a much sweeter taste comparable to brands such as Asti. Today, Prosecco has become popular because it offers a crisp, bubbly taste similar to Champagne – but at a much lower cost. While the price of most brands starts around $12, good-tasting bottles can be found for as low as $9. The price difference between Prosecco and Champagne lies in its production. Prosecco is made using the Charmant method in which the secondary fermentation takes place in large stainless steel tanks rather than directly in the bottle, as Champagne.

    Prosecco can be enjoyed on its own, but it’s most often used in brunch-time cocktails like bellinis and mimosas. It blends with fruit juices especially well so experimenting is easy. This is a  recipe we like for a larger gathering – or enjoying a restful afternoon. Ingredients can of course be reduced for a smaller quantity.

    Fountain of Cocktails:
    2 bottles Prosecco
    1 quart blueberry juice
    1 quart peach nectar
    1 quart apple juice
    1 quart cranberry juice
    1 quart orange juice
    1 quart pineapple juice

    In a large pitcher, mix together the blueberry juice and peach nectar. In another large pitcher, mix together the apple and cranberry juices. In another large pitcher, mix together the orange and pineapple juices.
    Fill glasses with your choice of juice and top with sparkling wine.

    STELLINA DI NOTTE Brand Prosecco recipe

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