• See this week’s top news headlines for women over 50:

    Fashion plays a bigger part in history and culture than it’s given credit for. See how these various protests have utilized fashion for their cause (we Boomers will remember a lot of these). Click here to read. [via Mic]

    A cruise is a favorite among retirees, but some couples take it even further by spending the majority of the year on board at sea. See how living on a cruise ship has been more cost effective for them. Click here to read. [via CNBC]

    Not interested in retiring? Speakers at the Age Boom Academy insist that working past “retirement age” is the best choice. Click here to read. [via Star Tribune]

    Catch up with Meryl Streep and what this effortlessly elegant actress has been up to in the wake of her upcoming film, Florence Foster Jenkins. Click here to read. [via The Wall Street Journal]

    China just hosted a bikini contest featuring women over 50. Bravo, ladies! Click here to read. [via The Huffington Post]

    Have you heard of phytoestrogens? These plant-based molecules could help cure menopause symptoms. Click here to read. [via Healthy Magazine]

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