• See this week’s top news headlines for women over 50:

    Edina and Patsy make their way to the red carpet for the premiere of Absolutely FabulousClick here to watch video. [via The Guardian]

    Ever wonder what goes through a sex therapist’s mind? Moral of the story: communication is key for a successful relationship. Click here to read. [via The Wall Street Journal]

    A new body confidence campaign is featuring stylish bikinis worn by over-50 models, Nicola Griffin and Jilly Johnson. Click here to read. [via The Telegraph]

    What’s not to love about an English garden? Browse through these photos and escape to London from the comfort of your own home. Click here to read. [via Vogue UK]

    Apparently, there’s four types of hot flashes out there. Which one is yours? Click here to read. [via Futurity]

    Saving for retirement doesn’t sound like such a daunting task when you consider these simple tips and strategies. Click here to read. [via Money]

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