• Offerings from www.RoadScholar.org can make open your mind to new experiences and pack your bags. Here’s why we like their approach.
    1. Over 8000 choices, all over the world
    2. Good prices which are all inclusive – no surprise add-on expenses.
    3. Competent instructors facilitate real learning
    4. Good for single travel – no partner necessary.
    5. Programs rated with description of physical skills
    6. They changed the name from Elder Hostel – too old, too negative. Accommodations are no longer hostels. Here’s a very small sampling of some recent choices.
    New Mexico’s Conversos and Crypto-JewsMany Jews fled to New Spain in the New World and secretly practiced their religion after being driven out of Spain in 1492. More than 500 years later, the influence of these people and their culture is still evident in New Mexico and the Southwest.. Hear the fascinating stories of the New Mexico Conversos and other local cultures in Old Town Albuquerque, Acoma Pueblo, Santa Fe, Chimayo and other sites.
    A Watercolor Workshop in Oakhurst, California
    Immerse in the techniques for controlling this challenging medium, working with an accomplished painter. You’ll paint daily and stay in close poximity to Yosemite National Park – reknowned worldwide for its natural beauty.
    The Joy of Comedy, Burlingame, Northern California
    Experts lead the examination of American comedy from the 1940’s to TV’s classic comedy moments. A stand up comic instructor offers insight into the creative process of a joke—from the idea to the writing to the delivery.
    Four Scandinavian Capitals
    Learn the distinctive history, cuisine and art of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.
    Treasures of Sicily
    Experience the ancient and diverse cultural influences of this crossroads of Norman and Arab civilization as well as beautiful Grecian ruins.16 nights, popular with many dates, $4195Road Scholar used to be Elder Hostel but the Spartan accommodations and more limited offerings went the way of the name in their makeover and expansion. It’s a not-for-profit which helps explain the pricing. Be sure to use the .org suffix for the site, or you’ll find yourself at a trucker site. www.RoadScholar.org
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