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    Drug to Increase Women’s Sex Drive

    After an intense lobbying campaign, a federal advisory panel recommended approval of what would become the first drug to treat a lack of sexual desire in women.The move was immediately hailed by some women’s organizations as a step toward sexual equality by, in effect, giving women their counterpart to Viagra, the widely prescribed drug for male erectile dysfunction.  However, controversy rages about whether it is really useful and safe with other medical conditions and taken with alcohol.    Read More

    Tylenol Isn’t the Good Pain Killer We Thought

    Many women over 50 are taking Tylenol regularly because it was the recommended pain killer, especially for hip and knee arthritis and back pain. But many large randomized trials now show it to be ineffective, It may cause liver problems also. Tylenol Doesn’t Beat a Placebo

    It’s Harmful to Talk About Feeling Fat

    You may be upset, but talking about it makes you feel worse and upsets others too.  The Problem With “Fat Talk.” is reported in the New York Times and has started a conversation elsewhere.

    Forget that Knee Operation?

    A fake surgical procedure is just as good as real surgery at reducing pain and other symptoms in some patients suffering from torn knee cartilage, according to a new study that is likely to fuel debate over one of the most common orthopedic operations.

    Less Medication for High Blood Pressure

    People over 60 probably don’t need as much high blood pressure medication as previously advised. This allows them to avoid the risks associated with medications to bring down blood pressure. “Until now, people were told to strive for blood pressures below 140/90, with some taking multiple drugs to achieve that goal.” Hypertension Guidelines Can Be Eased, Panel Says

    Nuts for Health, Cranberries for Long Life

    The New England Journal of Medicine finds that people in the habit of eating a daily handful (a 1-ounce serving) of nuts are more likely to live longer compared with people who rarely consume nuts. They think that they affect metabolism.  Prior research has shown that nuts also help us feel fuller, faster and help to control blood sugar.

    Nuts For Longevity: Daily Handful Is Linked To Longer Life   Are Cranberries a Better Way to Long Life?

    Switching aspirin from morning to bedtime may reduce heart attack risk
    Aspirin thins the blood and helps prevent blood clots which can trigger a heart attack or stroke. The drug lowers platelet activity – the ability of blood cells to stick together and form clots – which is known to be higher in the morning. Taking aspirin before sleeping lowers it from that high point helping to prevent clots.

    New Cholesterol Guidelines Released

    3 Things to Know About the New Holiest Guidelines Your cholesterol number isn’t the only thing that matters now. Importantly, the guidelines still state that cholesterol is important. But the point is that changing your cholesterol level with medications is now accompanied with the appreciation that other effects of the drugs may offset any benefit to reducing cholesterol.

    Should You Buy Drugs Online From Canada?

    Although technically illegal, millions do fill prescriptions online from Canada.. However many drugs from foreign sites are fakes. While 100% certainty is never certain, look for outlets certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or check ParmacyChecker a free website that verifies foreign sites that protect consumer information and that meet quality standards.

    Daily Vitamin D Supplements Probably Not Useful

    “Most healthy adults do not need vitamin D supplements”, explains study leader Professor Ian Reid from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. “Our data suggest that the targeting of low-dose vitamin D supplements only to individuals who are likely to be deficient could free up substantial resources that could be better used elsewhere in healthcare.”  Medical News 10/24/2013

    Twenty-three trials of  over 4000 healthy adults, average age of 59, showed no significant increase in bone density.
    Vitamin D Ineffective in Preventing Osteoporosis   New York Times 10/17/2013
    Vitamin D Supplements Ineffective in Preventing Osteoporosis, Study Finds

    All Baby Boomers Should Be Tested for Hepatitis C

    Did you have an operation or were you in a bad accident before 1992? If you were, you have a risk factor from transfusions. Blood wasn’t tested for it at that time. A small minority of people have the liver damaging disease, but it is often detected too late. Hepatitis C — a leading cause of liver disease and liver cancer — is considered a silent killer because it progresses without any indications of illness.

    Drug users and dialysis patients are also at risk. But the Center for Disease Control urges testing of all Baby Boomers.
    A Viral Illness That Can Be Cured   Push to Screen Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C

    Sleep tips: 7 steps to better sleep The Mayo Clinic has studied the problem that troubles so many of us. Try theses ideas for a more rest

    Vaccines for Adults  – Which Do You Need?  Review this list from the Mayo Clinic for what you need in each phase of your life after 50. Routine recommendations for healthy adults are listed by age. Read on for recommendations for special groups, such as people with chronic illnesses, and to learn more about each vaccine.

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