• Fashionable – or just dowdy? It all depends on how it’s done. Photos to illustrate the points are at the end.

    1. Styles that fall smoothly from the waist- no gathering – work better. Bunches of fabric around the tummy can be tough.

    2. For less casual wear – the office, dinner, a meeting – skirts 3-4 inches below the knee instead of to the ankle look more polished and somehow appropriate for women after 50.

    3. It’s easier to wear ankle and longer lengths for casual wear. They’re actually much more comfortable and prettier than jeans or slacks. A cool denim skirt would work at any longer length.

    4. Boots, boots, boots – longer skirts look great with boots to the knee. The boots can be high or low heeled, suede or leather. They all seem to work. They give a nice spirited look after 50.

    5. Alternatively – tights, opaque hose with shoes seem to complete the line from skirt to foot. If you wear ankle boots, tights will fill in color to make a smoother line.

    6. Pencil skirts, long and very close to the body, are a challenge. They’re fashionable but unless you’re very thin they’re tough to wear.

    7. Very heavy fabrics also seem difficult – too much fabric to manage. Longer skirts below the knee look more graceful with a little movement, maybe a little flair towards the hem. A chiffon skirt with an opaque underlining looks new.

    8. Solid colored fabrics, textures or subtle prints may be easier to start with than vivid patterns, They’re easier to find at retailers too.

    9. Figuring out how long is right for you is a bit of challenge since we’re all different heights. Try measuring one of your current skirt lengths and looking for one 3-6 inches longer. Experimentation and hemming may be needed.

    10. If you’re going somewhere warm this winter or thinking ahead to next spring, try a long loose, but body skimming, cotton dress in a fresh cotton print. I saw a woman, over 50, in the grocery store (down south where it’s warm) wearing a turquoise and white print dress that stopped just above her flat decorative white sandals. She looked great.

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