Board Certified Surgeon offering latest techniques and tecnologies
A medical spa isn't just about relaxing. Try these rejuvenating treatments for anti-aging.
Flyers Beware - It Could Get Turbulent!
Writer for NY Times, HuffPost and many publications
Remember when flying was a thrill? Now it's a battleground. Come prepared.
All We Needs Is Love - From a Dog!
National authority on art therapy and animal therapy enthusiast,
Do you had some dog love? Have you improved your life or someone else's with dog affection?
4 Critical Ingredients in Skin Care Over 50
Dermatologist with 20 years of experience in cosmetic and medical dermatology,
Effective anti-aging skin care products for women over 50 should include these ingredients.
Divorce, Breakup Over 50? -10 Tips to Recover
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Getting over a breakup can be challenging. Here's what to do to feel better again.
4 Fun Vacations for New Empty Nesters The kids are finally gone!  It's time to plan an exciting vacation together.  
How to Unclutter - Simplify Life Over 50
The Life Architect helps women over 50 when stuck in careers and lives
When you simplify, you'll find space to enhance your life with what you really value.
6 Tips - Conquer Exercise Procrastination!
Fitness Behavior Expert with a Holistic Approach
Putting off exercising when you know you should? Don't we all! These changes will help.
Women's Stress - 5 Effective Tips to Reduce It
Co-Founder of, software to organize and manage your home and life
How to reduce stress so your daily life over 50 is more enjoyable.
Gray - The Trending Neutral in Bags & Shoes Add long-lasting gray accessories to your wardrobe for polish and sophistication.
BITE ME!  - I Have Great Body Chemistry.
Writer for the NYTimes, HuffPost, many publications
Even after 60, I'm a hot dish, very delectable, a seasonal feast - for mosquitoes
Joan Rivers - A Woman Trail Blazer Remembered She made us laugh. We thank her for breaking the mold for female comedians and for older women.
Roommates After 50?
Founder of Roommates4Boomers, exclusively for women over 50
This new trend is enhancing the lives of many women over 50
6 Treatments to Look Younger - No Surgery
Top Plastic Surgeon and Ophthalmologist
Enhance your appearance with treatments which avoid the knife for beauty over 50.
Bone Loss: Stop It Before It Stops You!
BY Teresa Maldonado Marchok
Licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates teacher
Half the women over 55 suffer bone density issues. Are you one? Here's what to do.
Makeup Tips For After 50: Beautiful Eyes
ZestNow Video Part II - How to apply eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrows.
Are You Planning a Wedding After 50? Limit your stress - remember it's all about having an enjoyable and memorable time.
10 Resolutions to Help You Become More Mindful 
Psychotherapist, speaker, and author.
Learning to live more consciously improves your emotional health and happiness after 50

Happiness As We Age

Dianne Morris   09/02/2014
Here’s an encouraging thought for retirement.  Older Americans find much of their happiness in simple pleasures.  According to the Journal of Consumer Research we don’t need to be concerned about having enough money for extensive travel or extraordinary experiences.  If......+READ MORE

Ideas for Roommates after 50

Dianne Morris   08/04/2014
I’ve noticed a lot of discussion about boomer women becoming roommates. AARP , and others. The Today Show ran a segment “Living with roommates after 50.” The new website that matches potential roommates is named All this interest,......+READ MORE

A Positive Look at Aging

Dianne Morris   07/18/2014
Isn’t it refreshing to see some positive views on aging. I liked these quotes -   “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” –Chili Davis “It’s never too late to have a fling For autumn is just as nice......+READ MORE

I think I’m Failing at Meditation

Dianne Morris   06/27/2014
I really want to be able to meditate. I believe it will calm my mind, make me more thoughtful, make me a better person. So I’m trying to do it, but it’s not happening.  I’ve gone to sessions with different......+READ MORE

Getting Away With Botex

Dianne Morris   06/16/2014
Apparently Botox injected into frown lines on your forehead will actually make you less depressed. A study reported in the Journal of Psychiatric Research was a double-blind study with patients receiving either Botox or saline solution. Six weeks later 52%......+READ MORE

"Funny but sad story, Roz. There is so little room already on airplanes - why I love Jet Blue. What a world. Courtesy needs to be taught for adults now!" -Cathy

Flyers Beware - It Could Get Turbulent!

"Thanks for adding an important part of scheduling - time for fun. It's all too easy to forget about self-care." -Susan

How to Unclutter - Simplify Life Over 50

"I believe many women feel very vulnerable with their sexual self image after menopause, due to all the changes that occur." -AnneV

Why Women Over 50 Are Reading "50 Shades of Grey"
NORDSTROM - Eileen Fisher New Arrivals