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BITE ME!  - I Have Great Body Chemistry.
Writer for the NYTimes, HuffPost, many publications
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Writer for the NY Times, HuffPost, many other publications
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Bone Loss: Stop It Before It Stops You!
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Writer for the NYTimes, HuffPost, many publications
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Ideas for Roommates after 50

Dianne Morris   08/04/2014
I’ve noticed a lot of discussion about boomer women becoming roommates. AARP , and others. The Today Show ran a segment “Living with roommates after 50.” The new website that matches potential roommates is named All this interest,......+READ MORE

A Positive Look at Aging

Dianne Morris   07/18/2014
Isn’t it refreshing to see some positive views on aging. I liked these quotes -   “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” –Chili Davis “It’s never too late to have a fling For autumn is just as nice......+READ MORE

I think I’m Failing at Meditation

Dianne Morris   06/27/2014
I really want to be able to meditate. I believe it will calm my mind, make me more thoughtful, make me a better person. So I’m trying to do it, but it’s not happening.  I’ve gone to sessions with different......+READ MORE

Getting Away With Botex

Dianne Morris   06/16/2014
Apparently Botox injected into frown lines on your forehead will actually make you less depressed. A study reported in the Journal of Psychiatric Research was a double-blind study with patients receiving either Botox or saline solution. Six weeks later 52%......+READ MORE

Perspectives on aging from Judith Viorst

Dianne Morris   06/07/2014
Writer and poet Judith Viorst says “The 50s were probably my favorite decade. It seemed to me a time of making peace with what you didn’t have, embracing what you did have, and not being as self-centered and dumb as......+READ MORE

"I opt for NO fillers or injectibles at all. I simply try to look my best and age as gracefully as I can." -Donna

6 Treatments to Look Younger - No Surgery

"I seem to be less tasty than when I was a child - but perhaps I have just moved where bugs have different appetites?" -Susan

BITE ME! - I Have Great Body Chemistry

"Thanks, Dianne! While I appreciate the unfun, pain and inconvenience, I'll bet it's great for fine lines, too!" -Julia

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