• Gray hair used to be unfashionable and unforgiving; these days it’s sexy and a signature for many stars.

    In case you didn’t get the memo, gray hair is hot. And sexy! Just check out the silver foxes on the Red Carpet—Diane Keaton, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Helen Mirren. You’ll also see fabulous white-haired fashionistas strutting their stuff on Fifth Avenue with a bright slash of red lipstick and a devilish smile. But before you go au naturaland kiss your colorist goodbye—or ask your colorist to even out the gray strands with a gray patina that looks au natural, there are some things to keep in mind.

    When and why does hair to turn grey?  

    “Hair turns grey because of loss of a pigment called melanin,” says Doris Day, MD, director of Day Dermatology & Aesthetics in Manhattan. “Your hair stops producing the melanin that creates its color. It is mostly due to genes, so if your mother or father had gray hair early, you most likely will too.” Melanin also gives your skin and eyes their color: dark-skinned and dark-haired people have more melanin than light-skinned people, who may also be blonde due to the lesser amounts of melanin.

    For most women, losing melanain can start at any time. Singer Emmy Lou Harris, 68, went gray in her twenties and dyed her hair until she was in her early forties When she stopped, her striking white hair, worn below her shoulders, became her trademark.

    Article Courtesy of www.NYCityWoman.com     Stacia Friedman

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    Article by: Stacia Friedman

    An award-winning Philadelphia-based journalist who writes on health and lifestyle for regional and national magazines, Stacia also contributes humorous essays to NewsWorks.org and PurpleClover.com.

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