• Reading glasses, driving glasses, sunglasses, contacts – that’s what we have at 50 and forward.

    Sunglasses – So many celebrities behind them, why not us? From the Beat Generation to the Boomers and beyond, it still works.

    • The Lens – Best in black, dark brown or dark green. Leave the bright yellow, pink and blue to the young and silly.
    • The Frames – Probably black, tortoise shell or metal. Flashy rhinestones, huge designer initials or other excesses – trying too hard. Fairly large frames usuallly work. The shapes should be classic – not too extreme, but definitely cover more of your face than regular glasses do.
    • The Prices – Designer sunglasses have hit new price levels — $400 and above. Better priced classic shapes, like RayBan Wayfarer types or aviators still work well.
    • Protection – UV and UBS protect your skin and eyes from harmful rays. Consider transitional lenses which change from light to dark depending on the amount of light. They can be much easier to deal with when you’re going from indoors to out during the day.

    Regular, Reading Glasses – It may be a certain politician or all those other powerful women, but glasses make the look now.

    • Lenses – For very thick glasses, try high-index glass instead – thinner and lighter.With bifocals, that little dividing line tends to age one. If you want that function try progressives with an invisible division instead. There is an adjustment period, however.
    • Finding Them! – Glasses on a chain can look like a great aunt (although I’ve seen some pretty glamorous French women with them). Limit the “where did I put my glasses”. Tuck pairs in all the obvious places- drug store reading glasses are great for this.
    • Contacts – If they work for you, ditch the glasses and wear contacts – maybe with a very subtle tint to brighten your own color.Often contacts are balanced between each eye with different needs. You may need a pair of light reading glasses too for fine print, dim light.
    • Frames – Grannie glasses, Ben Franklin glasses, or half glasses are can look passé unless you’re creating a certain look. Frames should fall below thebrow line.For shape, try the opposite of your face shape. Round if you have a square face, square for a round face.
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