• “Maybe it’s true that life begins at fifty.
    “But everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out.”
    ― Phyllis Diller

    Is the largest segment of the population: the baby boomers, going to wear out, fall out or spread out without a fight? No way!   Especially when we have The 3 Judys: Southern, Spikey and Sassy giving us the secrets of the ages (and no, they’re not all plastic surgery), some of which are not costly at all. Their relevant, pragmatic and funny book is GETTING OLDER NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD.

    The 3 Judys (and yes, they all are named Judy) not only have the advice, credentials and experience, but they’re all practicing what they preach.

    From Sassy Judy, a cabaret, lounge and hotel lobby singer in Manhattan (Judith, Queen of the Lobbies) who walked the runway as Miss New York State in the Miss America Organization, here’s one of the best ways to add volume and shine to dull, thinning hair:  Don’t’ spend a fortune on volumizing shampoos.  Use warm beer.  Sassy has a lot more tips that unless you’ve spent lots of time trading secrets backstage you’ll never imagine.

    Southern Judy might have been a Southern Belle during Scarlett O’Hara’s time, but now, she is not only the sparkle that makes the stars shine in Nashville, but she is a star on the famed Music Row in her own right. Her clients come the first time and stay a lifetime.  From her own newspaper column, to fashion editor of the Nashville Newsletter, to her radio program:  Looking Your Best Off Music Row, Southern is a sought after speaker all across the US, due to her dynamism, energy and entertaining, down-to-earth method of infusing Southern charm, wit and humor while sharing insights and demonstrating how to look good at every stage of life… female, male and teenagers alike!

    Here’s a tip from Southern  “Anything of beauty can dry up unless you keep a good moisture barrier” Now, I will not reveal her older Aunt Nellie’s cream of choice as it is rather high in cholesterol and trans-fats, but Southern Judy’s favorite moisturizer is the current preference of foodies everywhere: EVO aka extra virgin olive oil. The very same that you’d use in cooking.  Southern reveals how, when and where to use it, where to buy it (your favorite gourmet food shop!), and by the way, the Japanese have been using EVO as make-up remover, moisturizer and more for many, many years.

    Spikey Judy is an accomplished rider of horses and motorcycles.  She is an artist specializing in beading and is now working on a series of bustiers that represent female archetypes.  And, she has a full time position as a project manager for a Fortune 500 company along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management and a Master’s Degree in Theology and Ethics.  Spikey knows what works to keep her horses young and energetic, and in some cases, it’s not that different than what works for us.  An example: one of Spikey’s horses is a retired racehorse.  Spikey keeps his joints supple by mixing in glucosamine in the morning feed bag.  Glucosamine works well on women, too!

    Written in 3 distinctive and humorous voices, the 3 Judys entertain as they advise women over fifty.  They share their personal favorite brands, and provide different price options on everything from makeup, skin care, body shapers and more. And, if you grew up listening to your mother always telling you that you had a short waist, you can finally say, Mom wasn’t always right.  As Shakira sang, “Hips Don’t Lie.  Wait ‘til you see the diagrams of Marilyn Monroe’s HIGH HIPLINE, and Beyonce’s LOW HIPLINE.  It really IS all in the hips.   And of course, it’s also in the duct tape (they explain just how, when, and where to place that tape).

    Including sections:
    Hair Color: Is This Hair To Dye For?
    Arm Candy?  It’s Not Sweet if It Jiggles Like Jelly
    Bare Breasted? Bra Fitter, Give Me A Lift!
    With A Little Duct Tape and Spanx ® We Can Fix Any Body
    Go-go Hips: Are You a High or a Low?
    Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Big?
    Yes, You Can Stand in Those Stilettos!
    Exercise, Sexercise and Mesmerize!
    Get Your Glam On!

    They say if you’re going to get older, do it with style and fabulosity, courtesy of the 3 Judys.

    Twitter: twitter.com/3judys


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