• Fans of Downton Abbey (and other British period dramas) often love the BBC series, Call the Midwife, on PBS. Set in the late-1950’s after World War II during England’s version of the “Baby Boom,” it shows a very different slice of English life. The story covering the lives of young midwives and nuns living at Nonnatus House in London’s East End is based on the real-life memoirs of Jennifer Worth (born Jennifer Lee). She is played by actress Jessica Raine, and Vanessa Redgrave provides the narration from Worth’s viewpoint.

    The show provides fascinating insights into the differences between London and the U.S. post-WWII. While America was beginning a period of wealth and prosperity, many families in East End London were poverty-stricken and recovering from the war’s aftermath. Although the show includes some very sobering topics and situations, there is also a great deal of comic relief and warmth. Those who love the dry wit and intelligence of classic British humor will particularly enjoy some of the characters’ one-liners. The engaging characters include Nurse Chummy, based on a real-life character and played by comedian and actress Miranda Hart. Nurse Trixie is a cheeky and spirited young blonde. Sister Evangelina is an older yet robust nun with a hilarious, tough sense of humor.  Sister Monica Joan is a nun in her 90s with an ecclectic personality, and one of London’s first midwives. A fine balance between characters is created by the combination of younger and older actresses, who complement each other well. They create a point in history close in time to the lives of American Baby Boomers, yet different in so many ways.

    So far, two successful seasons of Call the Midwife have been aired. A Christmas special is set to be released later in 2013. The third season is filming this year to be aired in 2014.

    See below for video of a scene between Nurse Chummy and Sister Evangelina, as well as photos of the show’s female cast members over 50.

    Vanessa Redgrave, Age 76
    Narrator/Voice of Older Jenny Lee
    Pam Ferris, Age 65
    Sister Evangelina
    Judy Parfitt, Age 77
    Sister Monica Joan
    Jenny Agutter, Age 60
    Sister Julienne


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