• Here’s a book just for you as a women over fifty.book

    Release your wise, wild and wonderful self. This unique guide draws from the stories of fifty women who, starting in their twenties, created wonderful lives, and covers seven key factors in building the life you deserve. The Fifty come from all walks of life, from Fortune 100 executives to entrepreneurs, from a home health aide to a retired sales representative. Thought-provoking questions for reflection and exercises in each chapter will get you moving forward in your own journey.

    Dr. Susan R. Meyer, author of The Life Design Blueprint Playbook and Mapping Midlife: Sensational at Sixty, brings more than thirty years of experience as a coach and consultant to helping you create the future you envision. Be motivated! Be inspired! Find the greatness in your own life.

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    Article by: Dr. Susan R. Meyer

    Dr. Susan R. Meyer, Life Architect, helps women over 50 who are stuck in their careers and lives find purpose and create a blueprint for a satisfying life. She has spent more than 30 years working with women changing or creating careers. Her publications include: Soaring at Sixty: Mapping Midlife, The Life Design Blueprint Playbook and Fifty Over Fifty: Wise and Wild Women Creating Wonderful Lives (And You Can Too!), available in October, 2014. Her website is www.susanrmeyer.com.

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