• These woman have beautiful gray hair. They wear it long and flaunt it.

    Judy Collins

    An all-American folk singer-songwriter, Grammy winner, and social activist. Boomers remember her hit guitar covers from the 1960s and wistful romantic songs.

    grey2 Cindy Joseph

    A 60-something model, entrepreneur, and recent bride. Her gorgeous gray locks have become part of her signature look.

    Emmylou Harris

    With 13 Grammy awards, countless collaborations with some of the most significant artists in music history, and a voice that won’t quit, Emmylou continues to rock the stage (and her hair… we love her wispy bangs!) well into her sixties.

    grey4 Blythe Danner

    This chameleon of an actress, most currently known for her roles in comedy films and TV shows, is proof that gray can serve to highlight your natural color. If you aren’t sure whether to go gray or not, experiment with a combination of the two. (In her case blonde and gray.)

    Carmen Dell’Orefice

    As the world’s “oldest working model” at 84, Carmen doesn’t shy away from her age. In fact, she wears it proudly. Her best accessory? That stunning mane!

    grey6 Carole King

    As one of the biggest names in music during the 1960s and 1970s, Boomers grew up listening to Carole King’s songs, whether she was writing them for other artists or performing them herself. We love that Carole still has her curls – now, with an elegant touch of gray.

    Yasmina Rossi

    French-born 50-something model, Yasmina Rossi, uses her long silver hair as a trademark attribute. People in Europe recognize her as one of the faces of the UK chain store, Marks & Spencer.



































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