• Whether it’s your first wedding on not, age isn’t a reason not to throw yourself the dream wedding you’ve always wanted—lots of women over 50 are tying the knot. To avoid getting bogged down in the details of planning weddings over 50, follow these tips to plan the perfect day with less stress along the way.


    Have a candid discussion with your fiance about how you envision the big day. Encourage him to share everything that he wants and doesn’t want—while you do the same—to come up with a framework of priorities that you both agree on. Maybe finding the perfect dress at any cost is your number one concern. Or perhaps you’re both less interested in an over-the-top ceremony and would rather focus your efforts on making the reception as elegant as possible. You may end up deciding that it’d be best to book a family getaway to the Caribbean and have a remote beachy wedding with just your nearest and dearest present.

    Whatever you choose, as long as you clearly communicate your wants and needs with your spouse-to-be, you can be sure to minimize the stress of wedding planning and start your marriage off on the right foot.

    Make a Budget

    One thing you have on those twenty-something bridezillas is that you know how much hard work it takes to pay for $15,000 weddings. With life experience comes the ability to create a realistic budget for the big day and actually stick to it. Outline a budget for everything you’ll need for the wedding, from the flowers to the venue and catering. Online budgeting tools can be helpful during this process, like the wedding cost estimator that measures every detail of the wedding, from the cost of the rings to photographer fees. Be strict about sticking to the budget and start planning as early as possible to avoid having to spend more for last-minute services.

    Think Outside the Box to Save Money

    Over eight percent of the $53 billion dollar wedding industry are couples 55 and older, according to recent data from The Wedding Report. Instead of getting hitched in the garden of that local hotel, consider the equally picturesque nearby park. Skip the premium-priced multi-tier wedding cake in favor of French pastries or cupcakes. Pair up with an online floral stylist instead of coupling with your city’s popular local wedding florist, who can mark up prices for just having the word “wedding” in her business name. By doing a little more research and making a few less traditional choices, you can save a lot of money and instead splurge on an exotic honeymoon.

    Include Special Family Members

    Consider creating special roles for your children or any other special family members who you consider especially important in your union. For weddings over 50, don’t limit yourself to the typical wedding party roles if you’d prefer not to have bridesmaids or groomsmen. Whether you have you son walk you down the aisle or your fiance’s daughter get an officiate license so she can conduct the ceremony, let your unique situation and relationships help make this special day even more personal.

    Skip the Standard Registry

    Unlike younger brides, over 50 brides, probably already have almost everything they need for their homes. Skip registering at the local department store in favor of an online registry, like the honeymoon registry HoneyFund, or the popular gift card service Card Avenue. Your guests will be happy to get you something you really want instead of wasting money on traditional gifts that you don’t need.  Some couples are also requesting donations to their favorite charity instead of gifts.

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