• dianneDuring our lives, the roles and opportunities for women have proliferated – the challenges too. Now many of us are moving into new and largely uncharted territory for women. I can see this in the lives of my sisters, my friends and my acquaintances. We need new information, advice, recommendations and inspiration. ZestNow.com attempts to be a resource to help us to live our best lives after 55.

    Anthropologist Margaret Mead used the word “Zest” to describe this stage.

    It is a time when we are not concerned about birth control, pregnancies, PMS, other monthly inconveniences. Children are mostly grown. Menopause is mostly over. “This”, she says, “is freedom”.

    It is a stage of life that is free of many encumbrances and full of wonderful possibilities. As she says, “We are still young enough to live life to its fullest and enjoy all the good things nature has provided us. During this period a lot of women experience a renewed zest for life, rejuvenated sexual desire, and look for exhilarating new adventures or new beginnings.” I’ll also add that our generation has developed an openess and desire to share with other women which adds to our zest.

    I’ve had a long and continuing career as a serial entrepreneur. During the course of it, I’ve been involved with many women’s groups and with individual women who have been inspiring and helpful to my life. I look forward to our continued sharing.

    Dianne Beaudoin Morris

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