• In New York, a town rife with fiercely opinionated best-of-the-best lists,we’ve all got our treasured haunts and trusted experts. Mine include Marie Sigismondi, my irreplaceable hair colorist, who plies her trade at Pierre Michel, the big, bustling 57th Street coiffeteria that, like Marie, is an unsung Manhattan beauty institution.

    Marie is a tinting genius—expert at choosing perfect color and subtle nuances. She can do flamboyant and flashy, but more often than not she favors understated and discreet, i.e., a classic look, but with an edge. This, she says, is what New York women want. “They like to be in check with looking great at their age, rather than trying to look younger.” They’re quick to tell her the exact color they want; and Marie is a good listener. They’re also willing to hear her out, a good thing, since Marie is to the point and speaks her mind and has the answer for just about every hair color glitch, dilemma, or conundrum—even those pertaining to gray.

    Salon versus home color, when to use highlights, touch-ups, choosing the right shade and how to go gray. They are all explained at the site we like, www.NYCityWoman.com, which passed along this to us  Tips from a Top NYC Hair Colorist by Linda Dyett


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