• The price of gas has gone down but it never hurts to spend less!

    1. Lighten your foot on the pedal. You’ll save 5 mpg if you drive at 55 instead of 65. After 200 miles you’ll be saving more than $7 when gas is around $4 a gallon

    2. Use that cruise control. Smooth and steady wind the fuel saving race.

    3. Avoid heavy braking at stop lights and fast take offs. Gas mileage drops 2-3 mpg.

    4. Clean out the trunk! Those garden supplies, donation for Goodwill, old tools, etc. The trunk is to transport – not to store. Excess weight equals excess fuel use.

    5. Fill the tires to right pressure. UnderInflated tires require more engine push and fuel. Braking and handling are also hurt Check the car’s manual.

    6. Waiting for someone? Turn off the car if it’s more than 30 seconds. Gas is wasted after that point.

    7. Use Regular. Premium won’t make it run better in most cases. If in doubt, do some research.

    8. Combine errands for one trip. In addition to more mileage for many small trips, starting a cold car burns more fuel each time.

    Reminder: Don’t waste money on additives that supposedly improve mileage. The experts say they’re not effective.

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