• Only 10% of Americans used to move for retirement, now 42% of 50 year olds plan to move in retirement. Where it will be is the question.
    1. Instead of Sedona, AZ, think Prescott, AZ with the same outstanding scenery, climate and recreation activities but with lower prices. It’s only 63 miles away and no hoard of tourists. Prescott photo to left
    2. Instead of Sarasota, FL, think St. Augustine, FL with beautiful beaches and weather, historic downtown and 45 minutes from the Mayo Clinic. Houses are 51% cheaper.
    3. Instead of Ashville, NC, think Chattanooga, TN with nearby universities, outdoor recreation and outstanding American art collection. Tennessee taxes and cost of houses are much lower. Chattanooga above
    4. Instead of Madison, WIS., think Bloomington, Ind. with some bigger town amenities, health care, discounted university classes for seniors and major college sports. It’s also a Midwestern medium sized town but has cheaper taxes and housing.
    5. Instead of Boulder, CO., think Carson City, NEV.with a sunny dry climate, hiking, skiing, mountains. Reno’s night life is 30 minutes away. No Nevada state taxes, lower housing prices.
    6. Instead of Pinehurst N.C. think Auburn, Ala, Great golfing, nice weather, quaint downtown, art theater and college life and 50% lower housing prices.
    7. Instead of Eugene, Ore, think Bellingham, Wash with biking, sailing, kayaking, skiing, snow showing.
    8. Instead of Santa Barbara, CA, think San Luis Obispo, CA with gorgeous weather, a university, coastline, vineyards, Spanish architecture. It’s not inexpensive, but homes are considerably cheaper than in Santa Barbara.
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