• Thousands of spa treatments are available today, including traditional manicures and facials. To compete, more exotic signature treatments are concocted by individual spas. We found these ten lesser-known spa services which are just strange.

    1. “Dr.Fish” Carp Pedicures

    During this treatment, customers soak their feet in water with dozens of tiny carp swimming around, nibbling off dead skin. Some spa professionals believe this is an alternative to traditional foot exfoliation using salt, sugar scrubs or textured foot paddles. Although the fish pedicure – which originated in Indonesia and Malaysia – attracted customers throughout the U.S., some states including California and Florida have banned the treatment due to dangers of bacterial infections. According to the Times Tribune, “It’s no secret that water provides a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. Mix that with bacteria living on fish scales or in their waste and even the tiniest cut from an overzealous doctor fish, and the risk of infection is very real.”  Even so, some spas such as Yvonne’s Day Spa in Virginia continue to offer the treatment.

    2. Snake Massage

    In northern Israel, it’s $80 for a snake massage at Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm. The theory is that feeling a cool, smooth pile of snakes slithering around your back can release tension. Big snakes like Corn and King snakes give the deep massage while little ones give a fluttering sensation while moving around the body. Some people claim that holding a snake makes them feel more relaxed and less anxious. Slithering snakes are said to help with migranes and sore muscles. Time magazine made a video of the snake massage that you can watch HERE.

    3. 24-Karat Gold Facial

    According to some aestheticians, gold isn’t just for jewelry. As one of the most expensive spa treatments, costing  approximately $500, gold facials are offered at some luxury spas and resorts. During this treatment, serum containing flecks of gold is massaged into the skin. The professionals claim that gold contains powerful anti-aging properties which tightens and lightens the skin while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Cleopatra is thought to have used gold as a regular part of her beauty routine. Forbes states, “Other benefits are said to include the slowdown of collagen depletion, which causes sags, a decrease in inflammation, and a lightening of age spots”.

    4. Czech Beer Bath

    There are various takes on bathing in alcohol around the world. In the United States, several spas offer wine baths, and sake baths are quite common in Japan. The Czech Republic has their own approach to this spa service by offering beer baths. Hops (one of the main ingredients in beer) is widely used in the beauty industry for its moisturizing properties, especially for the skin and hair. Prave Pivni Lazne – also known as the “Original Beer Spa” – describes their beer baths as “…an original curative spa therapy combining remedial effects of warm mineral water, beer, ingredients for brewing beer, products of the brewing process and classical as well as special massages.”

    5. Derriere Facials

    Facials for your backside are surprisingly available.  In essence, it’s like getting a full body treatment – but concentrated on the rear. This treatment includes a broad range including waxing, bleaching, exfoliation, and moisturizing services. The most popular treatments are supposed to contour and firm the area (especially eliminating cellulite). & Spa in the UK. The popular Ionithermie Cheek Lift offered by the Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa in the UK includes a mud mask and muscle stimulation to tighten and tone the derriere.

    6. Mud Baths

    Mud baths are a surprisingly popular spa treatment. However, many people are unsure about sinking into a large tub filled with warm mud. “How many people have been in that mud before me?” “Do they ever change the mud in the tubs?” Regular spa protocol requires the tub to be drained, cleaned every time someone takes a mud bath. In Calistoga, California, several spas offer different types of mud baths.  Do not confuse the word “mud” that spas use with the idea of dirt mixed with water from your backyard. The Roman Spa in California explains that “A mud bath is a tub of warm volcanic ash & natural peat that has been mixed with hot mineral water to produce a mud.”  The idea is that you are actually exposed to a combination of minerals to benefit your skin.

    7. Chocolate Treatments

    Chocolate has been showing up in spas everywhere from massages, to pedicures, to bikini waxes. Customers love the aroma, as these spa treatments appeal to all of the senses. Some facial masks are even edible. The most famous spa to offer chocolate treatments is The Spa at the Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania. Nicknamed “The Chocolate Spa”, they are known for their signature services such as the Cocoa Facial, Whipped Cocoa Bath, Chocolate Fondue Wrap, and Chocolate Hydrotherapy. The chocolate is supposed to soften the skin and provide a dose of antioxidants.

    8. The Bird Poop Geisha Facial

    This facial is based on the ancient Japanese tradition of smearing bird excrement on one’s face.  The Shizuka New York Day Spa “Geisha Facial “…uses traditional and natural Japanese ingredients to soften, brighten, and nourish the facial complexion”, with the main ingredient being uguisu no fun – powdered Japanese nightingale droppings. Ultraviolet light sterilizes the droppings before use. It is said to be the secret of geishas’  flawless complexions. Sterile or not, some people still have reservations about having bird droppings on their face in the name of beauty.

    9. Cactus Massage

    Split cactuses are applied to the skin (gooey side down) to moisturize and revive the body. As a relative of aloe vera, cactuses is thought to have healing properties. The Four Seasons in Punta Mita Mexico offers its Hakali Cactus Massage.

    10. Arctic Ice Room 

    At QUA Baths & Spa in Las Vegas an arctic ice room is the opposite of a traditional sauna. Customers sit in a room with a heated bench. The air temperature is approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit. QUA’s ice room even has “snowflakes” that fall around you. They’re made of soap and ice, which are supposed to create a calming atmosphere. Many believe that a dose of very cold temperatures can tighten pores and reduce hypertension.

    Have you tried any of these body treatments? Which would sound entiching and which would you avoid at all costs? Give your  comment in the box below.

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