• Here are some thoughtful ideas to help make the best experience for you and your family. The thoughts are inspired by the book “Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me”.

    1. Always remember that your grandchildren are not your children, and that your children are now parents. Allow them to raise their kids according to their own terms, even if it’s not necessarily your personal style.

    2. Do not criticize any family members, especially in front of the grandkids. Instead, offer to help.

    3. Give advice only when you are asked for it.

    4. Do your best to make all of your visits fun by planning ahead and thinking of fun activities to do with the kids.

    5. Respect the family privacy. Do not constantly show up at your children’s house uninvited and unannounced.

    6. Do not undermine your children’s rules in front of their own kids.

    7. Always remember special dates such as birthdays, exam times, or graduations.

    8. Always treat all your grandchildren the same. Grandmothers should never show favoritism towards one particular child.

    9. Never try to compete with their other grandparents.

    Remember that you are playing a very special role in your grandchildren’s lives. Find out how to fill that role in a way that nobody else can.

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