• 10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Boyfriends.

    1. They’re great listeners. Whether you’re dealing with a hard day at work, a jealous friend, or an over-bearing mother – you always have their uninterrupted attention.
    2. Dogs are happy to skip the ballgame or bar night and stay in to “help” you cook. While boyfriends may be critical of your culinary skills, dogs will lap it up and beg for more.
    3. They like you just the way you are. You can get a haircut, wear your sweats all day, go lip gloss free or gain a few pounds. But to them, you’re perfect in every way.
    4. You can almost always teach an old dog new tricks. Boyfriends, on the other hand, can take many years of coaching & still be unsuitable to take out in public.
    5. Your mother will love your dog (she might even call them her grand-child). There’s no approval needed when you bring home a new pup – she’ll feed & spoil them – even if they cause a “stink”.
    6. Dogs love your friends and they’re always down to hang with the girls. Bring along some treats and they’re happy to join you on shopping excursions (especially if they can fit in your purse).
    7. They love to snuggle up any time of day or night. If you’re sick, they’ll cuddle with you for hours and won’t say a word about your current aesthetic state or the number of Kleenexes on the bed.
    8. Dogs are happy to join in any exercise routine – and unlike a boyfriend, they won’t judge your technique, try to time your reps, or correct your form.
    9. They always let you watch what you want (but you might be sharing the popcorn). Plus, they won’t ask you to explain why you love sappy chick-flicks or vampire dramas. The remote is all yours!
    10. You’re never too old for your dog. They’ll never prefer a younger owner and they’ll love you no matter how many miles on your clock, or wrinkles around your eyes.

    * From The Honest Kitchen.com

    Ever had a day when you felt more love for your pooch than your better half? The Honest Kitchen, the only human-grade pet food company , has created this fun and cheeky infographic in honor of their 10-year-anniversary. Also, the company is offering 20% off their human-grade foods for dogs and cats throughout their anniversary month – all of the info on the discount is available here.


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    1. debbie@thedogladysden.com' Debbie D. says:

      Although I’m happily married, I’m also a life-long dog person. This was great! Thanks for the smile 😀 Sharing it with my single friends.

      1. Dianne Morris says:

        Hi Debbie, See the next step – Roz Warren’s piece about sleeping arrangements http://zestnow.com/your-choice-your-dog-or-your-boyfriend/

    2. I want to to thank you for this great read!! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it.
      I have got you book-marked to look at new stuff you post…